Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day!

The Living Years

If you are lucky enough to still have your Dad, make sure you tell him you love him today.

If you lucky enough to be a Dad, hug your kids and tell them you love them. Often.

My Dad and I, he only had ten years after that.

He lowered my veil and said "There you go. That'll keep the flies off."

Blair thread revisited for some reading about Dads.


kc said...

My dad died 11-11-91. He was 59. I still miss him & haven't seen a Veteran's Day parade since. He didn't give me away either time I got married - I eloped both times. Love your pictures. Thanks.

kae said...

My Dad b: 20/4/31 d: 31/10/2001. I'll post about it on the day.

bruce said...

Nice pics Kae, my guess is you are of hardy pioneering Scottish stock.

Salt of the earth.

kc said...

You had a lovely wedding. I've planned a lovely wedding, but it wasn't mine!

Dads are important. Hubby has learned how difficult it can be (& he contiinues to improve as SHE matures), & I hope BEEootiful Granddaughter's daddy is taking notes.

kae said...

It was a lovely wedding, it's just a shame that I got the groom wrong.

Before Dad died he said, paraphrased "I suppose I won't be having and grandchildren." This was after my marriage had broken. He would have been a wonderful Grandad, he knew so much stuff, carpentry, building houses, making kites, flying, lots of things.

He just didn't know how to be really happy. The black dog.

I have tears.

kae said...

Hi Bruce.
Well, I know there's Portugese (from the Azores, bosun on a whaler jumped ship in Sydney in the 1800s), Welsh (from Welshpool!), German, and I don't know what else.

The red hair?

Dad was a bit rusty.

Paco said...

"That will keep the flies off". Excellent! Sounds like a wonderful guy, kae.

Minicapt said...

Hmmm ...
My father is Dec '31, and still around.


kae said...

Mini, mine drank and smoked and didn't really take good care of himself.
He died of respiratory failure, from smoking (emphysema),

If that didn't get him the booze woulda.
He also had osteoporosis.

He was never a bad person, though he was cruel to mum because of the drinking. My brother's and my relationship with our father were complicated. However, we did love him.

kae said...

Are you a Dad, Mini?

Kev said...

"There you go. That'll keep the flies off." A good call.

What did he get the gong for?

kae said...

Hi Kev.
His was:
Award: Medal of the Order of Australia

Post-nominal: OAM

Date granted: 13 June 1993

State: NSW


Postcode: 2200


(Mum got one, too, ESM in 2007. More info on the ESM here: )

kae said...

I have a bit of work to do to catch up with their volunteer work!

bruce said...

Sorry Kae, my ethnic compliment misfired so I'd better explain myself. Not the red hair (mine was about as red as yours though, when I had some).

It's a maybe bad habit I picked up from an old Margaret Atwood interview: playing 'Scottish or Irish?' (She reckoned 'Canadians are predominantly Scottish, Americans are Irish'). My mother is Irish (Catholic) and my dad's very Scottish (Presbyterian). You can see how it would obsess me.

(Melbourne: 'Glen' everwhere, rational, civilised - Scottish; versus Sydney: chaotic, intuitive, brash, authoritarian - Irish, etc).

Anyway your Dad doesn't look very Irish but would have looked at home in a kilt. Welsh are probably similar. Sorry for my crude assumptions.

kae said...

LOL Bruce, no offence taken - but it's good to remember when you get to the bottom of a hole, stop digging. (I do that all the time!)

Dad's Mum was of German descent (her Dad was a shearer and her Mum was a shearer's cook), Dad's father was where the Portugese bit came from, but I don't know what else there is in that family!

Mum's side is Welsh and ?