Sunday, September 7, 2008

Insiders 7/9/08 9:00 am Australian politics this week!

Should be interesting in light of the NSW ALP Government melt down during the week and the bitchslapping of the ALP in WA's state election yesterday!

I don't know who is featured on the panel, as soon as they announce it (probably five minutes before the start of the programme - I haven't been watching thismorning) I'll put it here.

Hung parliament in WA - the Nationals must decide who to give their preferences to. It's 24 seats all! So which way will the nationals go?

Yes, it's about the political happenings this week.

Independent won in Lyne.

Greens nearly in Mayo, but the incumbent party* won narrowly.

It appears that many people are very disappointed and angry with the ALP in the states (is this also a result of Kevin's performance**?)

It's been an interesting programme!

Belinda Neal
Rees (explains a lot of what has been going on - or not going on - in his old portfolio)
boring parliament, Rudd boring the opposition to death

* the INCUMBENT PARTY (picky, picky, picky, Boom!)
**performance? hmm. Is that the right word, or not?


Anonymous said...

The show continues to improve. Cassidy is genuinely objective and wastes no time slating Labor if he thinks it necessary.

Ms Crabb was unusually reserved to neutral on subjects that would have tasted her caustic tongue in previous shows.

Kelly gave it straight to the entrenched Labor machines for not serving their own and becoming totally obsessed with their process and self interests.

It's getting better the more I think about it. Great blog Kae. Keep it going.


Kaboom said...

How, might one ask, does an "incumbent" win a by-election?

You deniers are all the same.

kae said...
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Skeeter said...

Cassidy made several attempts to get Dr Nelson to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Mayo. But Nelson deftly deflected Cassidy and got in a few plugs for the winner.
No doubt encouraged by Garnaut's diminishing carbon targets, Nelson's definition of the Opposition's policy on AGW showed a bit more spine than previously, but it still included this worrying statement:
"We accept the broad consensus of scientific opinion on global warming."
It would be nice to think that, by "broad consensus", he means the opinion of tens of thousands of sceptical scientists who have come out against the alarmists' unproven theories.
Sadly, it is more likely that he means the consensus of a few whackos who have been funded to promote the AGW scam since it was invented.
More spine is needed from the Opposition if they are to stand any chance at the next election.
What will it take to make them realise this?

Minicapt said...

"After commissioning a poll which suggested that she would win her riding should a by-election be called, Copps accordingly vacated her Hamilton East seat in 1996, and promptly ran again in the ensuing by-election."


kae said...

I think I'm in love with that wonderful gentleman on the dashing steed!

kae said...

It was good this week, Insiders I mean. Lots of good material.


*that's an evil grin.

Anonymous said...


"vacated her Hamilton East seat in 1996, and promptly ran again"

Sorry being a nitpicker, but since she resigned, to run again, she was not an "incumbent" anymore!!!
(former, maybe?)


Minicapt said...

As member of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ms Copps was not expected to observe all the niceties desired. In fact it took about 6 months to persuade her that her promise involved a payback.


Kaboom said...

Thanks, Mark.

We in Orstrylia have a Constitution, which nobody reads (less understands). However, Section 33 of this Glorious Document says:

"33. Whenever a vacancy happens in the House of Representatives, the Speaker shall issue his writ for the election of a new member, or if there is no Speaker or if he is absent from the Commonwealth for Governor-General in Council may issue the writ."

What do you deniers not understand about a "vacancy"?

An "incumbent" can never, ever be re-elected in a by-election.

kae said...

Bloody troublemaker, Kaboom!

kae said...

Oh, and Mark...


he he

Kaboom said...

Picky, picky, Kae!

kae said...

KaBOOM, you owe me a drink at the next meeting!

I had a steak last time at the Regatta - dear, small, but tasty.

Kaboom said...

"..... dear, small, but tasty."

As the actress said to the Bishop.......

kae said...

I'm not touching that.


Kaboom said...

Hey, it's 76 millimetres, you know!