Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hollowmen, again! 9pm Tonite...

Hollowmen 9pm tonite.

(I think I know who nicked the Tardis to travel into the future and write the scripts for this show...)


Anonymous said...


followed your recommendation and watched the show for the first time ever.
Not impressed I'm afraid.

Used to like Rob Sitch in his previous shows though.


How do you include an avatar with the message?

kae said...

Hi Orion, there are sometimes moments of absolute brilliance. (A bit like some other comedy on Teev.)

To get an avatar you need to have a Blogger ID, so that when you go to any Blogger site (and some others) and you are registered, it automatically knows it's you (if you're logged in). You can upload an avatar to the profile you create for yourself in Blogger. I'm in the middle of something right now and I can't log out and try... I did try, but it ID'd me anyway!)

Richard's just done it, maybe he can help?

Oh wait, this one worked logging me off.
It asks for a Google/Blogger user name and password and says you can sign up. Do that and you can upload an avatar. You don't need to have any personal stuff displayed. Just your nic, and it will save you having to type in Orion all the time! On most of the blogs...

Boy on a bike said...

We had people over for dinner last night, so missed it (and I forgot to tape it - thank goodness for downloads).

Last week was hilarious. Utterly hilarious. They really stuck the knife in. So I suggest you give it a second go (but then again, I have worked with people like the characters on the show, so maybe my laughter is some kind of release of pent up bile).

missred said...

i don't know anything about the show, but i swear i had nothing to do with the tardi, lately

kae said...

What did they taste like?

Miss Red, hmmm, sure. Whatever.

Boy on a bike said...

We had beans.

Human beans.

kae said...

So, Boy, is it true what they say?

Beanz meanz fartz?