Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whale whisperers...

Whale Whisperers on Today Tonight

A movie produced by John Lennon's son Julian is a compelling story about the plight of whales and those trying to save them.

Bunna Lawrie is a whale-dreamer who sings to the giants of the ocean.

"We have this gift in us where we can sing to the whales and they respond to us because they know our language," he said.

"Our ancestors have been there for centuries."
The movie promotional piece mentioned "the tragic story of Colin the whale".

Arrgh! God save us.

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Pedro the Ignorant said...

A guitar playing abo "singing" to a half dead whale calf who he didn't "hear" was a female makes prime time news and some dropkick makes a movie out of it. He will probably make a pile of money that Phar Lap couldn't jump over, more's the pity.

Has the world gone mad or do we just need a good kick up the date to remember what is important and relevant in our lives?

BTW, (belated) Happy Birthday, Kae. Don't go drinking alcopops called "Bolt" in celebration. Sure way to go blind.
Cheers, great blog, and good to see the Blair spawn spreading their evil RWDB tentacles.