Sunday, September 21, 2008

Insiders 21/9/08 9:00 am

Don't forget!
As soon as I know who's on I'll put it here.

About Tuesday's spill, of course. And...

Panel: Glenn Milne, Kerry Ann Walsh, George Megalogenis.

Turnbull is already twice as popular as Nelson. But Nelson wasn't that popular.
Chris Bowen, Assistant Treasurer.

Have these people all been taking Ruddspeak lessons? I'm sure he started the answer to his question with "Well..."

Glen Milne pointed out that Rudd seems to pluck ideas out of the air, no thought or mulling over ideas, just plucks them out of the air and announces them. Like the meeting summit of the Local Government representatives (Mayors), but he's not sure of the date, etc.

Yes Glen. Many of us already know that Kevin is a plucking idiot.

They also covered the "Stroganoff in the Canteen" incident.
(Age journalist, whose wife just won the canteen contract,) Mr Wright says parliamentarians have bigger issues to deal with than their canteen food.

"This idiot stands up because his wife felt that her serving of beef stroganoff for $7.90, take away your GST it's $7.10, wasn't large enough. I mean really," he said.
The ridicule worked. He apologised for bringing up the portion size of his wife's beef stroganoff...

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