Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rudd interview on 7:30 report early last week

I heard Kevin sounded like a real dill on the 7:30 Report during the week.

Here's the link.


bruce said...

"those loans have been securitised by a lot of non-transparent financial instruments"

Is that how a Prime Minister speaks? Bu showing off his knowledge of obscure jargon terms (which are probably moot anyway)?

Rudd is useless, a mid-ranking bureaucrat as he has been called. Does he think he's still jockeying for promotion up the ladder? By babbling fast and appearing to be 'on top of it' (when he isn't)?

I think he should be retired on psychological grounds.

I'm quite happy for Julia Gillard to take the PM job, I disagree with just about everything she says, but she is a decent, thoughtful, articulate person with a clear point of view. The people voted for her 'Workplace Rights' agenda, let them implement it and in four years we will judge again.

I think there's something seriously amiss with Rudd psychologically.

Anonymous said...

He lost me at "securitised".


Skeeter said...

SandiM, he loses me from the moment he licks his lips and utters his first syllable.