Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's 9:40am? Already?

Then I just turned 50.


Gibbo said...

Happy Birthday Kae, many happy returns.

I hope you have a few, refreshing, beverages to see in the next half century.

Cheers, Gibbo

Zardoz said...

Oh to be 50 once again....sigh...

On second thought—Clinton was president and I was in the expensive process of getting unmarried. Nevermind.

Have a Happy Birthday! I raise a frosty Coors in your honor.

bruce said...

Well, many happy returns.

You're younger than my kid brother, and my friend who wrote 'Cicada that ate Five Dock' and just about everyone I know.

Skeeter said...

Congratulations, Kae.
Welcome to the second half.
As that second half progresses, you will find that it is the better half.
We are foretelling much richly-deserved happiness and contentment for you in the next 50 years.

It appears that you arrived 4 days, 3 hours and 20 minutes before our high-noon wedding in 1958. Our first-born will be 48 on Saturday. Thanks to some precision planning and split-second timing on my part, he arrived on our second wedding anniversary.
Big celebrations are planned for our 5Oth. We have already received congrats cards from Therese & Kevin, and our local MP, but the message we are really looking forward to is the one we organised before Nov 07 from our friend John Winston.

kc said...

Happy Birthday, Kae!!!

Skeeter's right, this time after 50 has so far been THE BEST part of my life. I think maybe things are better now because I know how precious & fleeting the days can be so I try to savor them instead of getting through them. And I get a discount at the day-old bread store!

Thanks for the blog & emails. Now, as Dr. Laura says, go MAKE IT A GOOD DAY!

ps - Told you I'd probably forget!

kae said...

Thanks people!
I have got some good cards and a really funny "giggle" gift from MDFD, I'll put them up when I get home (and can scan them).
You'll laugh! (I hope.)

Thanks again, and to the lurkers, thanks!

Gibbo said...

hey Bruce, d'ya mean this cicada...

bruce said...

Yeah, Gibbo. Here he is, 'Rock n Roll Coach' of London:


His newer stuff is much more mellow.

That 'Cicada' song was an in-joke based on a war-cry for the Drummoyne Cicadas football team, done like a Maori hakka - 'ick ick ick ick' all together.

kae said...

Hi Bruce
That's mellow! I like.
Must share it with a friend who is very much into music - he's intro'd me to iTunes and has been showing me new music, of course I've been sharing old stuff and some new stuff he didn't know about, too!

bruce said...

Glad you like John's new music, Kae. Once a bit of a punk, he now has a soft-soul band in London.

He remembers touring as support act for Midnight Oil (his band signed to their record company back then).

Boy on a bike said...

Many happy returns. Be sure to blog about what it's like, so that I can prepare myself well in advance.

kae said...

I'm just scanning some stuff I got so that I can share it, I'll put it on a new post... first I MUST have a shower - I've had a few phonecalls and got home late...
dang phone again and it's 1/2 an hour later!
I'll post the book scan and a card or two for a chuckle in a new post later...

Richard Sharpe said...

Happy Birthday Kae! Raise your bat to the drunken bogans in Bay 13.

kae said...

Hi Richard!
Still waiting for that stuff?
The blog? You have a blog? You are thinking of having a blog!
Gotta eat, then scan more (for a new b'day post... re goodies..., running out of time...

The Wizard of WOZ said...

Happy birthday Kae. I'll have a drink in your honor.

Rich, what about those of us who aren't at the G?

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Many Happy Returns to you, Kae.

Kaboom said...

Kae, happy b'day!

I'm certain that if you knew that you were going to live that long, you would have taken much better care of yourself!


kae said...

Hi Wiz and Mild CB
Thanks for the kind wishes.

Had I known I was going to live this long I'da taken better care of myself.
A friend years ago said "Live fast, die young, and have a good-looking corpse.", too late for me mate! I'll have to live ANOTHER 50 now!