Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Turnbull defeats Nelson!

45 - 41



bruce said...

Don't like Turnbull, don't like Costello - think they'd both be better off in banking.

Hope Julie Bishop emerges as the real leader - very promising.

Skeeter said...

Didn't notice this post before I left a comment on the "Nelson calls...spill" thread.

I would much prefer Costello to Turnbull. Watched Costello this afternoon at his National Press Club book launch.
He was very good and, as is often the case, the NPC venue provides a revealing look at the person behind the political image, a media-generated image that we get from 15-second grabs on TV news.
This afternoon, he had the entire media audience eating out of his hands and bopping them mercilessly when they misbehaved.

Like a majority of Libs, I am a monarchist (why fix something that ain't broke?) and I worry about what the conversion to a republic will cost us. I fear that it will be used to sidetrack us from more important issues in the next year or so. This is likely under Turnbull or Costello.

But my biggest worry is that Turnbull has already somehow worked out a way to add to his fortune with the proceeds of the carbon tax.