Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reba sacks herself!

Her resignation places the Labor in an unenviable position and caps a difficult first week for NSW Premier Nathan Rees as he struggles to claw back credibility for his new but already damaged Government.

Mr Rees yesterday dumped beleaguered Labor MP Noreen Hay as the parliamentary secretary for health and administrative committee representative.

A day earlier, Mr Rees sacked police minister Matt Brown for lying to him about dancing in his underpants in his office at a post-budget party at parliament house in June, where he was alleged to have straddled Ms Hay's chest.

Claw back credibility, Rees, ALP.... that's the funniest thing I've heard in an age!

Perhaps Reba was avoiding the Rees Rush?


Boy on a bike said...

Claw back credibility - like a zombie trying to claw their way out of a grave.

Skeeter said...

Is it really much different to previous ALP "normal" behaviour? Just you watch — they'll be voted back in at the next election.
Well, not too sure about "voted", but they will be back in government somehow.