Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin undergoing a major refit in Brisbane

They're getting a helipad.

Benjamin Baldwin is the manager of the ship and said the centrepiece of the work will be the addition of a new landing deck and helicopter hangar on the stern of the ship.

"Having air support can be very important," he said.
I heard the interview used for the ABC News article above replayed on the radio thismorning. I cannot find a link to the audio of the interview.

The vessel manager actually said he was quite prepared to die for his "cause".

I certainly wouldn't value the life of animals above that of humans. I don't understand these people at all.

RE: the latest anonymous comments (1/10/08) on this post, I also wouldn't elevate the value of animals' lives to the same level as humans. Commenting as "Anonymous" is hiding. Give yourself a name, any name, then you can be addressed properly.
As to meeting any of these people "face to face" and learning about their work, why would I waste my time? Saying that I think they are foolish and dangerous to their faces would probably get me assaulted, either physically or verbally, judging by the methods of many of the people who champion animals. I don't agree with the methods they employ in "their work".


Steve at the Pub said...

I am perfectly happy for the entire membership of Sea Shepherd to die for their cause.

kae said...

I was going to add to the post "The sooner the better." but thought better of it, lest I be accused of wishing him dead, which is extremely uncharitable and not what I meant.

kae said...

And you know, these people willing to die for their cause are just as whacked as the terrorists willing to die for the death cult.

Anonymous said...

They are not whacked. At least they are fighting a good cause and not killing the innocent just protecting it. Do you know Ben if not keep your lips shut about him ok

El Cid said...

Anonymouth STFD and STFU. Got it!

Pogria said...

oooh, anonymous,

what are you going to do if we don't keep our lips shut???

Sew them together for us like the pretend reffos at Port Hedland?


Pogria said...

ps anony-mouse,

punctuation is always helpful if you seek credibility.

Minicapt said...

Anyone who volunteers to work under P Watson is really whacked. Were he to threaten a departure from this mortal coil, I would anticipate ticket sales could be quite brisque; full coverage on the Comedy Channel.

Boy on a bike said...

Will they feel obliged to step in if say a Killer Whale starts biting chunks off a Blue Whale? What are they going to do - harpoon the killer whale?

kae said...

LOL Boy.
They'll probably suggest counselling for the Killer.
He's not really a Killer. It's just that he's had a hard life, he's angry with the world.
He's lived in poverty ....

yadda yadda yadda

Nic said...

Hey Any mouse,
I was in a shop in Bangkok last week and bought some leather protector. When i asked what it was i was told 'Whale Oil'. I then bought two lots.

Anonymous said...

Re nic's comment:
Whale oil beef hooked!

kae said...

Hullo Egg!
You know Anonymous has a bad name here...
Yes, I agree, whale oil beef hooked.

I blame Rudd.

Egg said...

[New puter, sans cookies]

kae said...



Egg said...

Izzat helicopter powered by gerbils in the rear end?

Anonymous said...

What Sea Shepherd volunteers are willing to die for is the right to LIFE, for all earths creatures and that includes all of you.
Plankton takes-up and recycles 70% of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, thereby giving the planet 70% of its oxygen. Life was able to evolve on land because it first evolved in the seas. Decimating whale populations has a detrimental top-down effect, as we marine biologist say, which would thereby incress the abundance of those animals which feed upon the plankton WE rely upon for oxygen and life.
You all need to go and do a little research to actually formulate an educated opinion.
What the hell have any of you done for the bettermet of the planet today? Quit your bitching and get off of your arses or quit wasting the little oxygen we have left!

kae said...

If you want to save whales you don't do it by piracy on the high sea nor by putting fishermen and others in danger.

You are wrong, anonymous. These saviours you elevate are misanthropes. They hate humans, if they had their way all humans would be exterminated to make earth a paradise of "nature".

For life? Ask them their thoughts about abortion and then get back to me.

Anonymous said...


Good for you, on the new device.

I hate when those damn cookies crumbs get stuck between my keys :).


Beside taking up time and effort KILLING the Earth typing, emitting carbon while doing so, WTF have YOU done, to save the precious "little air"?

Do you know that getting up off YOUR ass and breathing just killed God knows how many creatures on this Blue Orb.

Solution: Stop breathing.

The Wizard of WOZ said...

"Plankton takes-up and recycles 70% of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, thereby giving the planet 70% of its oxygen. Life was able to evolve on land because it first evolved in the seas. Decimating whale populations has a detrimental top-down effect, as we marine biologist say, which would thereby incress the abundance of those animals which feed upon the plankton WE rely upon for oxygen and life."

Sorry, killing animals that eat the stuff that makes oxygen will somehow increase the number or other (smaller) animals that eat the same stuff? This will reduce the amount of oxygen?

You sure about this? Or has the global warming melted your brain?

kae said...

Wiz, the explanation was too convoluted for me to bother following, but I saw flawed logic.
I think the point of Anonymous Marine Biologist was that killing whales will stop them from eating the fishies which eat plankton and so we'll run out of the precious little oxygen we have.

That's it, in a nuttershell.

"as we marine biologist say" pretty inarticulate for a tertiary qualified person.

But hey, maybe Anonymous is having a bad day. Not enough oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Its called an ecosystem people, everything existing natural within it is there for a reason. By taking out an apex predator you inflict implications upon the entire system.
It is basic principle of any conservation theory and it boggles my mind no one here seems able to comprehend it!

Sea Shepherd uphold international laws which individual governments are unwilling to due to risk of international trade relations being influenced.
Yet what is the point of having these UN sanctioned laws if there is no one out there enforcing them?

And Elcampeador, if that question is sincere then I will respond to it - I have also been a volunteer aboard the Steve Irwin doing what I consider my part.
And Kae its really quite sad to hear that you think we Sea Shepherd volunteers hate humans so much! I will admit Paul Watsons ex-wife was such a person and she made a very foul impression upon everyone.
She believed that humans should be eradicated from the earth and it was for reasons such as this that she was no longer welcome aboard the ship. She was a terrible example of an extremist.
She elated all other animals above humans, which is a sentiment I strongly disagree with, though would probably all be disgusted that i consider all animal life on equal footing.
Many of us believe we are out there doing something that is ultimately for the good of all man kind, and if some Japanese fishermen have to smell some butyric acid in the process so be it. No one has ever been injured on a Sea Shepherd campaign except for the volunteers themselves who accept the risks and have been physically beaten on the ice-flows of Canada whilst seals are skinned alive and shot in the Antarctic.
Yet those of you here who claim to be such peace mongers and above us will no doubt go on to gloat about such events, yet still maintain that you are better people.

I can assure you by far that the greatest and most decent person I know upon that ship is Benjamin! And it would horrify him to think you believe us, and most importantly he, to think so lowly of mankind.

Anonymous said...

Would you ever consider going and doing a tour of the ship whilst it is docked in Brisbane, though I may be wrong in assuming that is where you are?
Would you be willing to go and learn about the work, meet the people involved and say all of this to their face?

Steve at the Pub said...

The ship should dock at St. Pierre/Miquelon.


nic said...

I just find it interesting how people who throw acid at others can waffle on about 'international law'.
Any comments about late term abortions of human foetuses or is it just Gaia's aquatic gifts that are of concern?

Anonymous said...

What does abortion have to do with any of this? You are just trying to pick fights now, on anything you care to rant about.

And butyric acid is nothing other than rancid butter, all it does is produce a vile smell on decks. They are the ones who bring out the national coast guard to fire guns at our ship.

kae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kae said...

My point about abortion is that usually people who put animals above humans tend to be pro-abortion, which is pretty whacked to me.
Just trying to pick fights? I don't think so. Rant? I don't think so. But if I do rant perhaps you should keep in mind that this is called kae's bloodnut blog, I'm kae, so I can talk about whatever I like.

Rancid butter? Fine. Lovely. Perhaps we should put crap in your hat. It's only pooh, after all.

Boy on a bike said...

Anonymous, I think you need to get some perspective. You've elevated the whale to the level of some super-being, when it is no more than a big cow. Slightly more blubbery than your average cow, but a cow no less.

I don't want to see every whale killed, just like I don't want to see every cow killed. But I don't see how the current rate of slaughter is going to drive any whale population to extinction.

I suggest you need to take the whale down from the pedestal that you have placed it on, and treat the management of whales in the same way as we deal with rock lobsters, tuna, kangaroos, prawns and so on.

Whales are nothing special. Really, they aren't. Sure, they have a certain ooh-ah factor when they jump out of the water and so on, but I fail to see why people go so dewey-eyed over them.

kae said...

Oh, and Anonymous, my visitors can rant about whatever I want, too.

Anonymous said...

Once again it just goes to show how narrow minded you are all are.
To make assumptions that people must be anti-human life or choice in order to be pro-animal right and environmental sustainability is ridiculous.
One can state over and over, just as I have, that I hold all of the animals of the earth to the same standard, hence do not place whales on some 'pedestal' despite the fact that any biologist will inform you that their brain chemistry and snapsis is closer to that of the human function than, as your examples compare them, cows.
It is a completely unsustainable fishery. If it were treating similarly to the kangaroo cull for meat production, which is not only sustainable but would reduce Australian greenhouse emissions sugnificantly if it were adopted, then fine. But the fact of the matter is that this hunt occurs in blatant violation of the Antarctic Treaty, the United Nations World Charter on Nature, Convention for the International Trade in Endangered Species and Flora and Fauna AND The International Whaling Commission Ban on Commercial Whaling. Dont know why I bother sharing that though, not like any, no, Im sorry, MANY of you will actually ever go and try to learn anything!
They select how many and what species they decied to kill and are not regulated by any authority.
This has nothing to do with being "Dewey-eyed", it is merely basic scientific and ecological commonsence.

But none of this will sink in with any of you. I have said before I hold all creatures of the same importance - so you claim im pro-abortion. I say I hiold all animals to the same standard - so I hold whales on a pedestal.
And the best you can come up with is comments of fecal matter? Seriously? You ignorant angry fools.
Perhaps it is best narrow-minded nitwits like you ll sit at home on your computers bitching about what other people are doing. Thank god it is not you who are the people out there having an affect on the planet. And you never will, and at least we can all take some comfort in that.
Of course you wont visit the ship, you dont have the courage.
You cherish your ignorance, and you are terrified of recieving an education on a topic you have already made your mind up on. But I guess you already figured it out huh? Go to the ship hun and see us all sitting around killing off babies, right? Or maybe, just maybe, you will learn that these are the most peaceful and caring people that will ever appear in your angry little world.

But hey, ignorance is bliss right?
How easy and sweet life must be when you live with your eyes shut!
I fonly we could all have such limited neuron function.

Kaboom said...

Testify, Anon, Testify!

I have been attempting to show these bible-bashing moronic capitalist pigs the error of their ways, for months.

I am so angry and ashamed to be a member of this human race, that I really, really could kill for a just cause, I mean, not just kill someone, like Pogria, Oh No!, but I'd actually put some really bad, bad poison into their water supplies, if only that water didn't end up in Gaia's oceans!!!1!!

Where was I - oh, yes, I am really, really desperate enough about the future of the WORLD that people like this should be summarily executed, so as to ensure that the world is SAVED for people like us, and not them. HALLELUJAH!!!!1!

Choose life! people!

I wonder what is the best way to kill these infidel bitches, and not harm the environment???

Stay safe, Anon! You know that people from the French Secret Service sometimes post on this blog.

kae said...

"so as to ensure that the world is SAVED for people like us"

No, kaBOOOM.
It's saving the world for the animals. They've got just as much right to be here as humans.

Ahab said...

I recently saw the Whale Wars “shooting” episode and I can say with a high degree of certainty that Watson wasn’t wearing that vest when it was shot. There is a very simple experiment you can do to prove his allegation wrong. If you watched the program you’ll notice they fits the bullet into a huge dent in the badge and says, “perfect fit” keep this in mind. For the experiment you’ll need the following articles.

1) a large hammer (22oz.+)
2) a ¾ “ long 3/8” dia. bolt
3) metal epoxy
4) Same metal badge Watson had
5) A strong friend

Now epoxy the bolt to the end of the hammer put on a nice fluffy sweater like Watson had clip the badge to your chest. Let a strong friend hit the badge hard enough to bend the badge as deep as shown on the program in question. Now inspect the injury to your chest how does your injury compare to Watson’s? (Now would be a good time to call 911). While you’re waiting for the ambulance I have a few questions. Did you notice being hit? Did you say, “I think I’ve been hit” or did you say*!*#(@!?!*&%!!!! And fall down in pain? I’m sorry but bullet resistant appeal doesn’t stop the energy transfer that’s why manufactures specifically tell you not to wear anything hard under your vest because it will increase the energy transfer. Have you ever hit a metal pole with a wooden baseball bat and felt the unpleasant jolt in your hands? It’s the same principal only magnified 100x on your chest. I’ve also heard that they claim there were trauma plates in his vest if that were the case the bullet wouldn’t look like a bullet it would have deformed flat or shattered. If a trauma plate were in the way the badge wouldn’t have a deep perfect bullet shaped dent in it either. Not to mention the bullet missed the upper right corner of the trauma plate pocket and the bullet hole area is clearly flexible when he first lifts his clothes during the Doctor’s inspection. Another problem with their bullet was that it wasn’t jacketed and snipers don’t use soft lead rounds they deform too easily to achieve the desired accuracy. If the bullet shed its copper jacket in the vest it wouldn’t look like a bullet any more and the copper jacket being lighter would not have penetrated as deep as the lead. Therefore the jacket would have come out of the hole first then the lead portion.

After watching them board a ship without permission and then claim hostage status I see this as just another desperate/deceptive tactic used by Watson and his crew. What I find most suspicious is there are no close up photos of the alleged bullet, trauma plate or badge nor were they submitted to independent forensic testing. While forensic tests wouldn’t prove the Japanese did it. It would prove if it was or wasn’t propaganda based hoax.