Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Morning TV, have a laugh

He's too stupid to do any other job, except sing.

Thanks to spot-the-dog over at Blair's.


bruce said...

What I find really annoying is that in Australia there is a poodle brigade who blindly mimic the US elite pro-Dem media (which is lurching to the left like a sinking ship) thus endangering our country by spreading dangerous falsehoods, false information in a crisis being worse than no information at all.

The smartarse Westpac 'spokesman' was on the evening news decrying '20 Republicans' who he imagined blocked the bill. Idiot didn't hear about the Dem domination of Congress for the past 3 or so yrs, or that 40% of Dems also voted 'No'.

If this guy is a sign of how well-informed Westpac management is in current affairs... draw your own conclusions.

Democratic 140
Republican 65

Democrat 95
Republican 133

Republican 1


AYES 205
NOES 228

kae said...

Ahh, but Bruce, have you seen the crawler on 7?

Tonight they're crossing live to the opening of Wall Street at 11:30, a special live news presentation.

Um. What are they going to show us? See the Leak cartoon a few posts back.