Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AM Today. Interesting bits

Markets plunge after congress rejects bail-out
The rejection of the US bail-out bill by Congress has sparked extraordinary scenes on Wall Street and around the world. The benchmark index saw its biggest daily points fall ever, the Down Jones Industrial Average dived, and in Europe there was talk of more government intervention.

No 'Plan B' after Congress vote down
The rejection of the bail-out plan by Congress has led to much finger-pointing between political adversaries in the US. When that and a two-day holiday is over it'll be back to the drawing board on a plan to deal with the financial crisis..

Rudd seeks to reassure over financial crisis

The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has reacted to the news of developments in the US Congress by again stressing that Australia can weather the global turmoil. The Leader of the Opposition has re-floated the idea of a bipartisan approach to the problem.

Final Garnaut report out
The Federal Government's climate change adviser Professor Ross Garnaut hands in his final report this morning on reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. Environmentalists and some climate change experts are hoping he'll back a tougher reduction target than the one outlined so far.

Navy escorts boat to Christmas Island
A boatload of 14 people picked up by the Navy off Australia's north-west coast are being escorted to Christmas Island. The Immigration Minister Chris Evans says it's the first boat to arrive illegally this year, but he says more could be on their way.

Chinese milk scandal hits Cadbury
The chocolate maker Cadbury has announced a recall of some of its products in the wake of the Chinese milk scandal after testing for contaminants. Australian authorities say chocoholics here have nothing to fear.

Call for more focus on toddlers' mental health
Experts say more needs to be done to identify mental health problems in toddlers and young children. A forum in Melbourne today will hear how greater intervention could save a lifetime of problems.

Arab world divided over soapie
The end of Ramadan means the return of the popular soap opera 'Noor and Mohannad' to television screens in the Arab world. Our Middle East correspondent hears from critics and lovers of the show, whose main characters drink alcohol, go clubbing and have extramarital affairs.

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mythusmage said...

Toddlers and mental health ... hmmm ... Having a sense of humor and a sense of proportion would help in that one would think. Unless you like being driven to distraction.

kae said...

No, Mythus. Not toddlers and mental health.
They're talking about the mental health of toddlers.

kc said...

The problem with toddlers is most grownups insist they're "too smart" or "too big" or "know better" - which is bunk. They are the world's finest, more fun & loving than any other group. The ones who have a problem with mental health are adults who think more intervention is necessary. Give 'em blocks & wooden spoons & aluminum pans, graham crackers & milk & they are happy little creatures (for the most part - abusive parents or minders are, of course, not part of this picture).

kc said...

It says the point isn't to "pathologize" little kids...but the forum is attended by "academics, mental health practitioners, & government representatives"...which means that's EXACTLY what will happen, as they meet the need to justify their own existence.

kae said...

It's a bit like the AGW scam and so on.
Let's invent something, some condition, that we need to study and we can get heaps of research money and do something meaningful. For the children.