Monday, October 6, 2008

AM Thismorning 6/10/08. Saturday's one looks interesting, too.

My attention was drawn to the interview with the soldiers in Afghanistan. It was good.

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Updated Monday, 6 October, 2008

US waits for bailout to kick in
The US economy remains fragile despite congressional approval of a $US700-billion rescue package. Analysts say there's no guarantee that despite the deal the banks will begin lending again.

Opposition keeps pressure on banks
The Federal Opposition says banks need to explain themselves if they fail to pass on all of an interest rate cut expected tomorrow. Our chief political correspondent Lyndal Curtis speaks to the shadow treasurer, Julie Bishop.

Investigation over Henson school visit
The Victorian Education Department is beginning an investigation into the visit to a school playground by the artist Bill Henson to seek child models. It's understood the principal of the school in question will be interviewed today.

Safeguards in place to protect children: principals group
The visit by Bill Henson to a school has angered politicians and school principals. The Australian Primary Principals Association says children should not be approached for commercial or artistic purposes at schools.

Australian back-packer witness uncovered
AM speaks to a 22-year-old Portuguese woman who says she say the missing backpacker Britt Lapthorne talking to a group of Croatian men in the nightclub she was last seen in the early hours of September the 18th. Mariana Moreira says she's keen to share her account of the evening with police, but has yet to be contacted and asked to make a statement.

Australian troops gaining ground in Afghanistan's south
Our correspondent Mark Willacy is on patrol with Australian forces in Oruzgan Province in southern Afghanistan. The Taliban used to have the region firmly in its grip, but there are now only pockets of resistance.

Israeli settler violence on the rise
There's concern in Israel that a radical fringe group of the settler movement is getting bigger and more violent. In the past, the radical element was reckoned to be a few dozen - but senior military figures say it's now in the hundreds.

Manly's win the perfect farewell for Menzies
Manly's 40-nil drubbing of the Melbourne Storm in last night's Rugby League grand final is the biggest winning margin in 55 years. What does it mean for both teams?

Germany bails out banks
The German Government is to guarantee the all private deposits with state banks. The deal was made as one of the country's biggest banks Hypo Real Estate faced collapse.

Saturday's AM programme 4/10/08

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