Monday, October 6, 2008

How do you exonerate a crocodile?


Recently a 62 year old man, Arthur Booker, disappeared from beside a river when checking his crab pots. It's believed he was taken by a crocodile.

Three crocodiles have been trapped and will be x-rayed tomorrow to see if there is any evidence, and then if necessary they will have an endoscopic examination to see if there is any evidence.

On ABC Local Radio News thisafternoon, the reader asked a rep from EPA (Environmental Protection Authority), what would happen to the crocodiles if they were exhonerated.

One croc is unafraid of humans and it will be put into a farm, the other two will be released, if they are exonerated. I think that there's some lovely shoes, a few wallets, some suitcases and lots of steak there!


I didn't hear of any trial.

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