Friday, October 10, 2008

Black Balloons...

OK. I'm scared now.

Although the narrator isn't the same here in Queensland.


Dylan in France said...

If the government really wanted to cut emissions then they would not be targeting households.

Here's why:

According to the ad each balloon is worth 50gms of greenhouse gas and the average home releases 200,000 'balloons' annually. Do the maths and that accounts for 10,000kg of emissions per home or - for ease of use - 10 tonnes of emissions per home.

Australia has (or had in 2001) about 7.4 million households. If each is emitting 10 tonnes worth of balloons then the total emissions are 74 million tonnes.

How does that compare to the national total for emissions? Well in 2004 we emitted about 327 million tonnes of CO² - just one of the greenhouse gases - as a nation.

Even if everyone in Australia cut their household emissions to zero there would still be more than 250 million tonnes of CO² emitted by industry, government and other non-household sources.

Like cutting Australian emissions by 60% to save the world, decreasing the number of 'balloons' each house pumps out would do bugger all to save the planet.


kae said...

Dylan, I just find the black balloons ominous and spooky. They scare me.

I guess that's the point, huh?

Skeeter said...

The problem for me is the bad physics.
As anyone who was awake during high school science lessons knows, CO2 is denser than air. A balloon full of it would sink to the floor, not float off into the sky.

kae said...

Don't tell everyone that, Skeeter.

Sheesh. Even I know that CO2 makes puddles, like water. Being a caver I've been in some caves with "bad air", it's CO2 which has collected in the cave. You can find out you're in CO2 only when you get a roaring headache, and then you know it's time to get out.

Minicapt said...

You should change the colour of the balloons to ... Green!!

Problem solved


kae said...

Yes, Mini, you're right there. What a great idea.
Green balloons.
Not nearly so menacing...

Or are they?