Saturday, October 11, 2008

MDFD has a stalker

MDFD put her parsley outside last night, it was doing well, lots of lovely leaves.
This morning this was what she found:


Boy on a bike said...

Holy crap! Talking of stalkers, as soon as I saw the photo, I thought you had snuck into my backyard and taken a photo of my chives! We have the same stuff growing in the same pots.

This is too wierd.

kae said...

I told her that the stems have more flavour.
She just muttered something under her breath.

By the way, have you ever had problems with the comments loading twice? When I click on the Post a comment link it comes up then immediately comes up again.
Really annoying, sometimes it's a bit slow and you start to type and then there's another comment thingy, it's the same, I think it just refreshes for some reason, and your couple of letters typed is gorn.
Oh, I must take that picture for you.
Can you give me that link to that site you told me about, you know, the RWDB CLean UP dude. Taa.

Boy on a bike said...

I always, always let the comments box load fully before trying to type anything into it. I have been caught a few times with it "eating" my comments.

Google "notsep".

Skeeter said...

The stalkers would be interested only in parsley stalks, I presume.