Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scanner on the fritz

Was going to scan some pix.

I'll fiddle with it tomorrow. Right now I need to attack my shoulders with some voltaren and fall down... into bed.


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulders - is it just pulled muscles or is it arthritis? My Father can't move his arms above horizontal after a lifetime of working on cars, and a couple of tennis injuries.

kae said...

In about 2001 I slipped in my kitchen and fell, dislocating my left shoulder and fracturing my glenoid, the bone which forms the socket for the shoulder joint. It was just a chip as the shoulder dislocated and the popped back in again. It wasn’t diagnosed as fractured for four weeks. It's taken years to get better*, with good physio, etc. But it still gives me gyp. A couple of years ago I hit a kangaroo, apparently I had whiplash from that and the damage that caused to both shoulders makes my shoulders ache if I make any extreme movement, mind you, an extreme movement means anything where the arm is raised and out from the body. Like, oh, lifting your groceries out and over the rail at the checkout. Or carrying a light but large empty cardboard box. Pruning branches and pulling them across the ground seems to have the same affect.
Nurofen works better orally, but I have asthma so it's a no no, unless I really need it. I also have a disc problem in the small of my back which can nip me sometimes if I twist a bit.

I’m just old and decrepit now.

If I was a horse they’d shoot me.

This is why I need to sell my 1.5 acres and move. Can't keep up with the yard work, mowing etc.

* not better, just not hurting all the time.

kae said...

PS, I call the glenoid the glum bone. It's next to the humerus and it's not funny at all when you chip it.

Skeeter said...

Mrs S, who is extremely old, has had back problems for years. She tried all the new anti-inflammatories as they came out but they all had bad side effects. Our very good GP has prescribed 8 Panamax per day, which she is to take whether or not she has pain. The thinking is that pain must be avoided because it elevates her blood pressure. Physio, exercises and walking were also recommended to go with the Panamax.
Talk to your GP, of course, to make sure that this would suit your situation.

kae said...

Hi Skeets
I find Panadol and Panamax just don't touch the pain, even with headaches. The best for a headache of mine is aspro clear times 2, which I think is the same type of drug as Nurofen. The best for the shoulder pain is Voltaren, unless it's a really bad day with pain all over then I must take nurofen. And then sometimes there's pain you just can't reach the spot with voltaren, and then I have to take the nurofen. (Or Brufen, same difference.)
Must remember that post pack!

Anonymous said...

Careful with Nurofen kae, seems to have a detrimental effect.

Increases the chance of stroke I think it was?

"If I was a horse they’d shoot me."

Dave Allen had a piece along those lines I think.
Poor bugger. I liked him a lot when he was not smutty.


kae said...

Hi Mark
I don't think it's stroke, nurofen is from the same family as aspirin. No good for asthma. Along with a lot of things like, oh, bacon and ham...

Dave Allen:

In this world you have two things to worry about:
whether you're rich, or whether you're poor.
If you're rich, you have nothing to worry about,
if you're poor you have two things to worry about:
Whether you're sick, or whether you're well.
If you're well, you have nothing to worry about,
if you're sick you have two things to worry about:
Whether you'll live or whether you'll die.
If you live, you've got nothing to worry about,
if you die you have two things to worry about:
Whether you'll go up, or whether you'll go down.
If you go up, you've got nothing to worry about.
If you do down you'll be so damn busy shaking hands with old friends you won't have time to worry!

kae said...

arrgh, I hate not having perview and a tiny window for comments...