Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dave Warren article

This article was mentioned in comments by Bruce (I think), a few days ago.

It's an interesting article on why some people take no responsibility for what happens and that when something bad happens they believe thatsomeone else should step in and help.

Canada was not built by the government; it was built by men and women taking responsibility for things. Yet the over-urbanized have lost this sense that anyone could take responsibility. The postmodern conurbation is vast, and the person who lives in the middle of it, lives 10 or 20 or 30 miles from the nearest open space. He walks or drives past thousands on his way to work. He participates in what used to be called a “rat race”. He adapts quickly in neighbourhoods subject to constant inundation by strange new people -- often speaking languages he can’t understand. His home is something that can be quickly exchanged, more likely rented than owned. He develops a profound sense of personal powerlessness, together with the compensating vanity -- that as an adaptive urbanite, he is especially clever. He assumes people who live away from the second nature of the city are stupid. For after all, they don’t know what living in the city is like; they couldn’t cope with it if they tried.

Read it here.

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