Monday, October 20, 2008

Horse update...

Continuing on from my first post on this moment of insanity, er, weakness, ah blessed event...

Ok. His name is Floyd, The Horse. (Look at the size of those feet! My friend said he'll probably only be about 15-20kg.)He will answer to Floyd and Horse. Floydie, Horsie, anything like that.
But look at him. How could I leave him in the produce store?
When I have a shower he comes in with me. The first time he freaked when I got into the cubicle, then curled up and slept on my dirty clothes. The second time he freaked a little bit.
Tonight he was fine.
Twice after a big sleep he's woken up and gone to the door to be let out. He's learning fast.
A friend told me today about paper training. I'd left a towel I'd used to clean up a puddle on the floor. He'd gone again on the towel. I put some paper in the laundry a few hours ago and a little while ago he disappeared. He was in the laundry, peeing on the paper! I phoned my friend and told her, asked her if he could have been paper trained before. She said, "No. He's just a cluey puppy."
At the moment he sleeps in a cage at night. In the ensuite. He's been dry both mornings. And no mess. He only sooked a little bit last night. Maybe we'll get a good night's sleep tonight.
When I go to work the neighbours aren't going to be too impressed. He'll be outside from 5am. Oh dear.
Well, after three accidental turd-free days the little monster got me thismorning. You know you can smell them before you find them.... and you just know. I just didn't watch him go when he went outside and played with the big kids. Oops. So much for the thought I had that peeing on the paper was a breakthrough.
I must go mop the floor. Hooroo.


nic said...

He's a cutie alright Kae. Watch out for him when he's older judging by the size of those paws.

Egg said...


kae said...

Thanks nic and egg.
I've added a link to the first part in the story. When I bought him home on Friday.

I couldn't leave him in the produce store, I just couldn't!

kc said...

Kae, I'm not a dog person...but I seem to have a deep & abiding adoration for the ones that look like your new feller...cattle dogs, sheep dogs, sled dogs...always had a super soft spot for 'em, ever since my dad brought home Lady, part border collie, part coyote. I don't (& probably won't) have a dog again, but I sure do love the little guy YOU took home. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kaelene,
Yay, we found it and he's soooo cute. See you soon,
Claire and Ru