Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Eureka" town to be built outside Brisbane, Australia?

Eureka is a fictional town filled with geniuses. It is rumoured that it will really be built in Queensland, Australia.

Brisbane to build centre to attract 4500 elite scientists

A MULTIBILLION-dollar "brain city" attracting up to 4500 elite scientists from around the world is earmarked for construction on Brisbane's western fringe.

Planning is under way by the University of Queensland to build a new research-based centre on 280ha of prime riverfront land at Pinjarra Hills.

The new township for about 10,000 people would include shopping centres, accommodation and commercial towers, parks and bikeways, schools and a community library.
It ain't gonna happen. Because of The Mayne Inheritance, the land can only be used for specific purposes to do with education. The Veterinary School has moved to the Gatton Campus and so the land is now not being used as part of the Veterinary School. The University will want to use it rather than lose it. Because of the conditions of the Mayne legacy The University can not sell the land. If The University does not abide by the conditions of the legacy the Pinjarra Hills land will revert to the Mayne Trust, The University will lose it.

The site is the vacant land between the river and Moggil Road. Ten thousand people would cause a worse bottleneck of traffic in that western corridor.

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Thanks minicapt, who sent me this link.


mythusmage said...

I hear Eureka CA has some interesting scenery.

Wand said...

Just when we thought the deal was stitched up to relocate this Eureka Town to Brisbane for you.

Some people!

kae said...

Ah, Wand.
Old Sydney Town.
What a place.

Anonymous said...

Multifunction Polis comes to mind!

Hey your verification made sense!!

Wand said...

Kae I am extremely disappointed and a little angry. I have had Old Sydney Town packed in crates foe several years now waiting for a suitable buyer. That opportunity arrived when a new little known Queensland bureaucrat ensconced himself in Canberra.

Well the possible sale came a few weeks ago when all this financial who ha started to do the rounds -- er what was that again - I mean the global financial crisis or GFS for short. And the funny little known little man was preoccupied.

Anyway, the deal was all but stitched up, then you blew the cover! Please be advised that I'll remember that. So just for that I'm arranging for Judy to come and live in Queensland. Don't say you have not been warned.

[see the video titled Judy M]

kae said...

Sorry, Wand.
You can keep her.

And apologies for x-ing the deal, but it ain't gonna happen.

Wand said...

Gee I must have been really annoyed when I wrote that last post. Still that's what happens when major deals fall through.

I was referring to the er financial who ha - er the global financial crisis or GFC for short. There fixed.