Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Palm Island Police given bravery awards, riot ringleader found guilty

I can hear the whining from here.

Lex Wotton has been found guilty of inciting riot.

Palm Island police to receive bravery awards.

I heard a spokes-activist complain that everyone on Palm Island should have received a bravery award for getting on with their lives after such a horrendous thing...

And people wonder why white Aussies who are qualified won't go to these places.

Sure, there are problems on both sides, but moves have to be made by both sides to fix the problem.

Over at Kev Gillett's he's put up a post and 17etcetera has commented. It's a good post and a thoughtful comment.


Skeeter said...

Heard a pro-Wotton activist lamenting this morning about the appallingly bad timing of the police announcing the bravery awards the day after the guilty verdict.

kae said...

Hi Skeets

Hmm. Judging by the anger at the compensation paid to the police who lost all their property, I don't think it'd matter when they gave them anything, there'd be Palm Island residents up in arms about it.

Sorry, haven't sent that thing yet. Will soon... I forgot!

Now, me and the furry little crap extruder have to go to bed.