Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got some plywood? Build yourself a humvee!

Mileage will be excellent.

It won't go anywhere, unless you put it on a truck.

Read more here.


bruce said...

Yeah, actually my cousin Brad really does build hummers, or restore them I think. Here's one of his:

His job seems to be a lot of fun:

lyle said...

How a Contemporary Artist Speaks
Truth to Power: Express Only Those
Opinions Approved by the Elite...

Perhaps as a comment on Art,
Here’s how a real artist might start:
Invert on his head
Mitzevich instead,
Exposing his wee, withered part.

lyle said...


That's just in case you didn't see it at Tim's.

kae said...

Hi Lyle
Yes, I did pop back for a look and saw it. Excellent, as usual.
Thanks for dropping by, you're welcome here anytime. You know that.
I sometimes don't get back to read stuff at places I comment.

How's it going? I have to go horizontal soon, get up in about 6 hours or so. *sigh* Do battle with sliding low-loaders again.

Thanks again!

lyle said...


I forgot to congratulate you on escaping dismemberment, incineration, and a spectacularly cinematic death.

The downside is, you'll probably have to settle for a long, satisfying life, and pass painlessly in your sleep.