Thursday, October 16, 2008

Would your teenager call the ambulance?

Listen to Laurie Boyd tell what happened to his daughter.

Would your teenager, child or grandchild, call the ambulance?


Dan Lewis said...

Trick question. We live in NSW.

It would be faster for them to call Dominos Pizza, and when the driver gets there (in 30 minutes or less) ask him to drive them to a hospital...

kae said...

Jeez, Dan. I hadn't factored that in.

Give it time, we might be fitting out the delivery vans for emergency transport to hospital, etc.

Did you hear about the Crimestoppers cponsorship by Brisbane Airports Corp? For $100k they get their logo on every police car.


Pity they can't sponsor some more coppers...
The uniform might have to change. I guess it'll look more like a footy uniform with all the sponsors' patches on it.

kae said...

And you know something? I'm not sure that Brisbane Airports Corporation really needs to advertise.

It's a bloody airport, for heaven's sake!