Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kev's little vortex, can he make a black hole?

Andrew Bolt's take on the Rudd Spin.


kc said...

Totally off-topic, Kae...please forgive me. I need advice.

Do you drink tea? What kind? Do you use lemon, sugar, or milk? Ever use those flavored 'creamers?'

I like tea (extra sugar) - but always wondered what "real" tea & tea-drinkers prefer.

Thanks for letting me interrupt. We now return to your regular programming...

tw: "outbullo?" - no, I don't think so, not today...

kae said...

Hi kc

Yes, I am a tea drinker. I'm bad, I use teabags. The water must be boiling (over in the states I noticed that water for tea wasn't boiling). When making tea you mustn't "stew" it. Like keeping coffee on the heat, you mustn't do that with tea.
At home the water is good, no yucky taste, so I find that Dilmah tea is nice. At work the water tastes different and Dilmah tastes awful in it so I use Twinings or some other type.

I usually drink my tea with milk and no sugar. A bit strong. Skim milk (fat free). (Whereas with coffee I like real milk... and again, no sugar.)

Flavoured teas are nice. Fruit ones are good.
I used to love Earl Grey tea, it's got bergamot in it. I would drink it with milk. One year I got a bad flu and I was turned off Earl Grey.

Email me and I'll talk with you.

kae said...

I had tea made in the bush in a "billy" one time. No milk, but sugar. It was delish - but I guess that's because someone else made it for me - a cuppa always tastes better when someone else makes it for you!

Anonymous said...

Earl Grey kae??
yukkkkk, (actually if you can ignore the smell (OK fragrance) it tastes Ok)

Tea with milk for us, no sugar thanks, not for dietary reasons either, just that if you want lolly water you drink Coke, enough sugar in there to keep a cane farmer in silk.


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bruce said...

Haven't heard of flavoured creamers, KC.

Our generation is eclectic but our parents (WWII era) are often tea fanatics - for some it's still totally the only liquid they drink!

And Bushells has been the main Aus brand for yonks. (

Place loose tea leaves in a teapot, one teaspoon (!) per person and one for the pot, add boiling water, allow to sit a couple of minutes. Pour into cups. Add sugar and milk or squeeze of fresh lemon to taste.

But! Do you put the milk in the cup before the tea, or after? I prefer after, till the colour is right (milky weak or strong dark).

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kc said...

Sorry, Kae, looks like I hijacked your topic. Next time I'll send email instead & YOU can post my question, eh?

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone!