Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Camera

By the way, his new favourite game is to jump up so I put him on my lap (won't be long until he can jump up there himself!), and then he plays for a while, then he jumps off... brave, clever boy! Then he jumps up, again, to be picked up and the game goes on... a bit like tossing the toys off the high-chair table....

Oh, oh! I forgot to tell you, he's doing his little puddles and jobs on the paper now. No accidents in the house for two days... though he needs to be a bit more careful about walking thru the newspaper puddles. I've put Kevin down there from the weekend Aus... I'm hoping Floyd will get a bulls-eye (or a bull-shitter's eye!). He also let himself out of the sliding door tonight... showoff!
I'm sorry, I'll be boring you all to death with The Horse. I've been really tired this week, still sore from the shoulders and the back, so it's back to the physio tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of my Father's death. I'll be putting something up tomorrow about that. I was going to do it tonight, but I've run out of time. (I have to dig out some pix and things.)

The Horse Story.

Floyd Horse update (fourth post)

Why are kids and puppies full of beans just before bedtime? (third post)

Horse update. (second post)

I did a bad bad thing. (first post) This link doesn't seem to work and I can't fix it. If you cut and paste the link it should work. Here's the link:


spot_the_dog said...

That's one handsome little guy there, Kae! What breed/s is he? And, why "Floyd?"

kae said...

Hiya Spottie.

There are four posts before this one, I've linked to them. They explain the name.
In a nutshell, travelling home in the car with him he was half on the console and half on my lap, he was a bit freked out about the car radio and wasn't at all familiar with glass (in the windows, he tried to go thru it a couple of times head first... owch!).
He was soooo cute. And such a pretty boy. I wondered what to call him. Pretty Boy. Pretty Boy Floyd. Good name!
Floyd is close to my ex's name. Yuck. Then I thought, OH! His birthday is 1/8/08. Horses' birthday! He'll be horse.
Only problem is that all the friends who hear this story insist on calling him Floyd!
So I call him Floyd The Horse.

Too cute, huh?

spot_the_dog said...

Thanks for the links, Kae - now I've read all about him! Have you gotten him to settle down at night yet? Mythusmage's advice sounded good - just like a little kid, you have to have some kind of a routine to wind them down in prep for bedtime, otherwise they will try to train you to play with them all night :-)

He looks like a smart dog - with that kind of working dog stock in him, he likely will be a clever guy.

Good luck with him!