Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obesity hearing

Oh, this is hilarious.

Inquiry to tackle obesity epidemic

The Federal Government wants to come up with strategies to deal with the rising rate of obesity across the country, and is talking to experts about avenues to overcome the problem.
Source: original Parramatta Sun article here.

Just heard on ABC news that, now wait for it, the rate of obesity has remained the same over the past ten years, and the only obese people around are the ones ready to retire. (Damnit! I can't find a link.)

Shit, that's going to throw them into chaos, first any action taken by Australia to limit AGW* is shown to be a pup, then there is no increasing obesity!

*I know AGW is a scam.


bruce said...

Yeah, the 'obese' are basically us boomers: a statistical population bubble moving into late middle age when everyone tends to put on a bit of weight.

Also migrants are eating like they never could 'in the old country' and so fatter than they've ever been. Who could blame them?

Kids may look fatter than they did in the 1940's & 50's, but they're also healthier, and probably even taller and bigger all round. Young Japanese are taller than their parents, for example.

Skeeter said...

Fat watch.

kc said...

(giggle & smirk at skeeter)

My daughter is the first girl child in my blood line to be taller than her mother in 5 or 6 generations. She's 5'1-and-a-bit-not-quite-2." She has nearly perfect teeth, too.

Better care, both pre-natal & as a child, plus better food? Her daughter has had 2 colds & she's a year old next week.

So I'll definitely go with Healthier, Bruce, no doubt about it in my own personal anecdote here.

Skeeter said...

Similar story here, kc. Mrs Skeeter and I are WW Generation people born in the mid 1930s (WW for Work ethics and Wisdom).
Food rationing during our growing years in WWII definitely kept us skinny. But it also had an effect on our tallness and we turned out a bit shorter than our parents. At 5'7½", I reported my height as "a few inches under 6 feet".
Our son towers over us at 6' 2".

Boy on a bike said...

My Great Uncle, who was born in 1876, was 6'2" when he was killed in France in 1916. I guess he grew up when times were good, because my Father and all his siblings grew up during the Depression, and they were all under 6 foot. My generation, born in the fat times of the 1950's and 60's, are all a few inches taller.

Nilk said...

As Dr Rudi says, EAT LESS>

Snickering aside, Both of my grandfathers were tall. My mum's father over 6 foot, and dad's father around 6.

My mum was about 5'3-4 and my dad about 5'10.

My daughter is scrawny, but she's also tall for her age, and will no doubt be taller than I am.

Her father is a short arse at 5'9, but we've got plenty of tall genes in the family tree.