Monday, October 13, 2008

Scanner power supply - "dead as a mullet"

Yup. My diagnosis was correct.

Trickie-Dickie doesn't have them, but they did have a multimeter and tested it. The needle didn't move!

So now I have to see if Jaycar's got one. (A power supply transformery thingy - I know, the technical stuff isn't my forte!)

Jaycar's wayyyy out of my way.

I only bought the scanner on 3/11/05. Grrr.

Might be cheaper to get a new one... I'll have to see what my options are.



Richard Sharpe said...

Buying a new scanner is going to be by far the cheaper option. You'll have a new scanner in your hot little hands before you've even paid the cost of labour for repairing your old one, let alone parts and fuel to get to Jaycar.

kae said...

Nah, nah, nah, Richard.
It's the transformer thing that changes the power from 240V to 12V. It's outside the scanner, plugs in. I'll just have to find a compatible one. First I'll price a new scanner (under $200 I reckon, easy).
Just a nuisance because of where I live and who wants to go home via Jaycar at, um, Woolongabba? Erk!