Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12 Months with Kevin at the helm... watch out for the shoals!

Libs take the piss.

Get the economy going, shop at Ruddshop!

Heard today that Grocery Watch Choice will be taken over by Choice Magazine.

Wake-up Australian Consumer Association... Its a: Waste. Of. Money.

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Malcolm Turnbull on Kevin's first year*.

(*link found at Leon's.)


Skeeter said...

I have just worked out the effect of a year's Ruddlenomics on my allocated pension funds balance. Up until Nov '07, that balance had provided me with generous spending money and had steadily increased in value for 21 years since my retirement. Since Mr Rudd was elected, it has steadily decreased and the loss works out at 29% of its Nov '07 balance. About half that loss (14%) had occurred by 19th September '08, well before the October crash.
My funds were obviously prudently invested by my advisers, because by 19 Sep '08, the Australian All Ords had dropped by 32% and that index now stands at 47.84% below the Nov '07 peak.

In Question Time this afternoon, Treasurer Swan was asked how many retirees had followed his advice and gone to Centrelink for help. He could not, or would not, answer the question and instead attacked the Coalition for their alleged squandering of surpluses while they were in power.
The MSM will, of course, ignore the facts in the news reports tonight.

kae said...

Hi Skeets
My mum has joined the ranks of the self-funded-retiree-part-pensioners.
She collects the magnificent sum of, are you sitting down? $21 per f/n from the government. However, the discounts on rates, license, rego, etc help a little bit.
She lost over 50k. I notice that the very good superannuation I am in has dropped it's bum, too. Even though mine is not in any high-risk investments.
Sux to that.
Did you hear Captain Bligh talking about Traveston dam today? Shelved, she would not say shelved, just delayed 2-4 years while they fluff around doing riparian work which was supposed to be completed after the dam is finished.
How the f*#k does that work? When the dam is finished the bloody riverbanks will not be where they are now... f'wits!
I'd love to talk with jlc about this. It would be very interesting.
Damn them all! Damn governments without dams.
Reading Bolt about the farce that is the Victorian minister for water (I think), what a blooyd moron. "Well, the dam is only 1/3 full, and if we had two dams they'd both only be 1/3 full."
What a bloody nong!