Monday, November 24, 2008

Face Painting with Bill Leak - ABC Monday nights 8PM

Anyone else been enjoying this six part series which commenced on 17 November?

The first episode was about a portrait of Pro Hart. It was very interesting, the insight into Pro Hart, and the development of the portrait by Bill Leak.

Tonight's episode was June Salter.

Next week Bon Scott.

He'll have to paint Ruth Cracknell! I hope he does.

Here's a link to the website.

I hear on the, er, grapevine that Bill is recovering after his accident a month ago. Click on the "Watch Now" link at the top to see the Pro Hart programme (26+ minutes).


Anonymous said...

Hi kae, you manly she-god, you!

Nice find. The only painters on US TV are bad ones. I'm looking forward to watching.

I once sketched out an idea for a grant - I never followed through - where I'd seek out a portrait subject, interview him, and then construct a painting. I'd explain to the viewers why he's outdoors instead of indoors, backlit rather than sidelit, why his hands are shown, and how we chose the shirt he's wearing.

And then the aesthetics, step by step. I thought that non-painters would find the process interesting if they understood it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, that was me.

There was a wonderful interview of Andrew Wyeth by the BBC. He led a camera crew around Chadd's Ford, explaining how elements of his daily world had deep personal resonance, and how he tried to capture them in a painting.

Unfortunately, Betsy Wyeth sued the BBC and it's no longer available.


Anonymous said...

Lyle, manly she god?

Kae, isn't Ruth Cracknell deceased?


kae said...

Hi Lyle - Manly She God... hmm.

Yes, Mehaul. The portraits are of deceased people - go to the site and have a sticky, you can see the Pro Hart programme there.

Anonymous said...

Deceased? That's a twist. I didn't recognize any of the names.

Maybe I should unbury the videographed portrait idea. People would see the portrait subject talking and moving, responding to questions. Then the artist explains how to capture and convert those qualities into a painted image.

I once painted the owner of a Brooklyn bookstore. She was a former nurse from New Zealand with brilliant blue eyes. I wanted to convey what a great listener she was, so I darkened her eyes. They seemed to absorb all light and energy.

She loved the portrait even though I had sacrificed her best feature. But she had zero vanity about her looks, and recognized it as a tribute to her character.

So kae, are you inspired to pick up a paintbrush?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kae. I'm only now catching up. I think the manly she god is a great compliment. Manly because your blog struck 81% with the boys, and she god....well that's because you've been highly evaluated on your side of the gender fence.

The reason I raised the deceased aspect of the sublime Ruthie Cracknell is because I saw the Pro Hart episode and got the impression that Leak had spent considerable time with Pro before he departed. I may be wrong. Equally he may have spent time with Ruth C as well. Hope you're well. Mehaul

kae said...

Hi Lyle and Mehaul.
Yeah, he's painted them after they've gone. He gets the info from friends, family, etc. Studies them well.
If you both go to the site and have a look, there is a rundown on each of his subjects. All have karked it.
Ruth isn't one of them, unfortunately. Nevermind, next series?
Manly She God.

That's moi!
tee hee