Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AM Today 12/11/08

Some interesting pieces in AM today (the first time in quit a while that I've had the chance to listen to it!).

Gordon Brown - bank bail out AND tax cuts... How's he going to afford that (a bit like spending the surplus... what will the ALP do next year when the surplus is gone?)

Fromelles/ Pheasant Wood mass grave of Australian and British soldiers - the remains will be DNA tested by Aus and British government to identify them. Good. Those who say "Waste of money", just look at "Grocery Watch" outlay...

Nick Xenophon talks about Fuel Watch, which is expected to be defeated in the Senate today - hurrah!

Terminally ill teen wins right to die
A terminally ill teenager in Britain has won the right to die after doctors failed in their legal bid to force her to have a heart transplant.

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Anonymous said...

Increasing government spending is the worst thing to do during a recession. By increasing consumption, you're diverting resources away from sectors of the economy that are already in recession.

Those sectors will have to bid those resources back, forcing up the price of those input factors. Forcing up prices of inputs is, needless to say, a negative thing for business solvency.

So, discretionary fiscal policy is the worst possible thing to do right now, which is probably why it's being done.

Brown is a complete moron, and so is his counterpart here.