Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had a visit from a commenter yesterday and visited his blog. This post reminded me of an issue I feel strongly about.

What I hear most clearly about proving a man is the father of the child he’s expected to pay maintenance for, and whom he forms a bond with, is that some people have a problem with a paternity test showing a lack of trust. There are women who will lie about this to a man. I know a man who was told that it was highly unlikely that he would ever father children due to a low sperm count. His wife became pregnant and he did have his doubts about paternity of the child. The child is now in her 20s and is the spitting image of her father. No doubt now. Had this test been carried out it would have dispelled doubt.

If it's mandatory paternity testing you won't get men being ripped off. I'm all for it. Women who have been true won't have a problem. When the result is negative paternity the women should be told their deception has been discovered and given a chance to explain. I'm sure there won't be many women caught, I don’t believe that there are that many deceptive people, but there will be a few. There are women who practise this deception and no man should be deceived this way.

Is the law the same now that the father on the birth certificate is the father by law? To disprove this you’d need a DNA test, and to get a DNA test you have to have the permission of the mother? Wrong!

Liam Macgill is another victim of this type of fraud. A book has been written about paternity fraud, too..

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Nilk said...

I guess I'll have to add the book about Liam Macgill to my list.

I've been doing so much reading lately on this sort of crap, and it's doing my head in.

I just received by copy of the new Alec Baldwin book about Parental Alienation Syndrome called "A Promise To Ourselves."

It's an excellent read and one I highly recommend also.

As for DNA testing on newborns? Absolutely. Also let's throw in a cast-iron prenup and get rid of "no fault" divorce laws.

Those laws are an abomination and make it too easy for people to walk away when it gets a bit hard.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when you have to walk, but so often it's because people lack the commitment to actually work through issues. In my not so humble opinion.