Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First black pres of the US - possibly the only reason he was elected.

Five feet of fury has a spray.

She's right about a lot of it, it happened here with our new Dear Leader.

Thanks to Bruce.

How do you argue with someone who says that, as only 10% of the US population is black and the percentage of them who voted could never give Obama the win he received, it's obvious that he wasn't elected because he was black... because white people wouldn't vote for him because he's black.

Bugger me. They're still calling him the bloody messiah! He's gonna save America. Why does this adoration and adulation make me feel very, very nervous about his election?

I can only wait and see if Obama is up to the job. I hope that the Republicans widely publicised their policies... judging by similarity of the performance to Dear Leader here in Aus and the way he was thrust into the "top job", he'll need to have something concrete to back up the hype. Good policies would be an excellent start.

I wonder when he'll have his summit?

Bugger me again, the Mayor of Palm Island has said he doubts an aboriginal will be elected PM of Aus. They've erected a US flag in honour of Obama's election.


Ok. The reason an aboriginal would not currently be elected to be PM of Aus is, well, there's lots...

1. lack of education - it's all very good to learn to speak your local aboriginal language at school as your first language, but if you can't understand and communicate in English you're unemployable and you won't get anywhere (there are approximately 1,000 aboriginal languages);
2. many of them are too busy pissing and moaning about how hard their lives are and how hard done by they are by whitefellas to get up off their arses and help themselves. You don't get anywhere playing the victim card*
3. so many more reasons why, and they're nothing to do with the race - if someone came along who could do the job and not pull the race trump**, perhaps it could happen.

It won't happen. Not because of the "racism" of Australians, but because of the quality of the material.

Check out many of the African countries and how well they're run by their own people after the colonial/white governments fell.

* Oh wait, worked for Obama... the parking valet story?
** Oh wait, worked for Obama....

Update II:
Arrgh. ABC Mornings with Madonna King, who asks the amazing poingient question:
"Where were you when the history making announcement of the winner of the US presidential election was made yesterday?"
please, please, please. Give it a rest!


Anonymous said...

Agree with her, she put it more eloquently than I ever could.

For the sake of symbolism an empty, vain, therefore dangerous (can, is, and will be manipulated) human being was elected to a powerful position.

The only "good" thing about it is, that people may get this guilt about blacks out of their system.

One can only hope so.

Just Another bloody Lawyer said...

Well Kae you know the saying, when the times get tough; the tough [RWDBs] get drinking. We can't let this pass without a big pre-christmas drink & hopefully Habib [and maybe even Tim???] will be able to make the scene?

Just Another Bloody Lawyer said...

Oh and for my two cents worth, without Govenor Palin, Senator Reach around, oops sorry, Senator Reach across the aisle, would never have come within a cooee of his final vote.

kae said...

Hey, Anonymous, whodat?

JABL, OK. People should let me know when. I tried last month and also in Sept but had no takers.

Kaboom? Habib? lotocoti? Kev? HUH?

I am sooooooo over hearing that this is a great moment for the US. A black prez.

Like it's the only qualification he'd need to get elected....

oh, wait...

Wand said...

Here's a good summary by Ezra Levant.

Welcome to politics, Chicago Democrat style.

bruce said...

Warren Mundine might be a good PM.

I find successful Aboriginal people still seem to lack that something which drives others to keep going to the top despite adversity, though.

Kathy Freeman, Christina Anu, maybe Warren too - they achieve a level of success, then retire. It may be a healthier attitude overall, because you may have to be a bit mad to want to be PM or Pres.

kae said...

Kathy Freeman?
An excellent runner. A fantastic charity worker.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but.

Nic said...

Aborigines are some 1.5% of the overal population. On that basis a person who believes in the jedi religion would be more qualified.

Lingiari's Ghost said...

you people are bottom feeders. dumping on Obama, when the alternative and his predecessor are the embodiment of most people's disillusionment with politics is beyond the pale.

Obama will not save the world, he is subject to the same pressures as every other puppet president there has been and will be. But to adopt a positive message, based on engagement and hope rather than fear and division has resonated with both our seppo friends and the world-at-large.

Moreover, to deny the systemic discrimination that indigenous Australians face in becoming the first Aboriginal President and put it it down to culture/linguistics shows how truly idiotic you are. Perhaps Palm Mayor Alf Lacey's comments were more of a comment about the two-tier justice system we have in Australia, especially Queensland.

wake up you redneck tory fools. I HOPE that one day there is an indigenous PM in this country, and that they serve ignoramuses like you with your just desserts. Let's see how you like being at the pointy end of institutionalised racism, subject to a disproportionate number of arrests and subsequent deaths in custody.

You're gonna get yours.

kae said...

From the commenter above:
"I HOPE that one day there is an indigenous PM in this country, and that they serve ignoramuses like you with your just desserts."

I rest my case. Tribalism is another reason (although white people can be pretty good at that, too).

Oh, and by the way, we don't have a President in Australia.

I'd be more than happy to vote for an Aboriginal Prime Minister, or representative in any election, as long as he/she was qualified and not there due to "affirmative action".

That aboriginal bloke who was on the council in Brisbane who unfortunately died (way before his time), of a heart attack this year seemed like a good bloke. It's unfortunate that he's not able to carry on and we could all see where he would go.

Before accusing me of being a racist or whatever maybe you should be familiar with my arguments.

You seem to be a shining example of reverse racism. Oh wait, anything said against white people isn't racist. I forgot.

Obama's not qualified for the job. Like Kevin Rudd. But because I say that about Obama and whatever else I have to say I'm accused of being racist.

I hope that Obama does a good job. For the US and the world. Unfortunately I doubt he can unless he has some very good advisors - and I think that's not quite possible with the people he's chosen to surround himself.

My idea of a good indigenous PM for Australia and yours may also differ widely.