Thursday, November 6, 2008

Melanie Boyd's death - Coroner's report complete

Further to this post on bloodnut, Would your teenager call the ambulance?, the Coroner, Brian Smith, handed down his findings.

Googling this to find more information on the coroner's report, I've found several blogs condemning society/anti-drug journalists/anti-drug politicians for the death because those at the party were "too scared of the police" to call an ambulance. Somehow, I don't think that the blame is rightly placed.

Courier Mail piece on Melanie's parents, Julie and Laurie Boyd, who slammed kids for girl's drug death.

I suppose education is the answer. Don't take drugs, but if someone around you has and there's a problem, call an ambulance.

Just another subject to be added to the curriculum.


bruce said...

Ambulance officers attend lots of ODs and the police aren't involved. I saw one myself, admittedly 25 yrs ago and a mild case. The ambo's arrived quickly, the OD guy had revived (after turning blue and going into full seizure, it was scary). They briefly checked that he was fine, laughed 'Don't take as much next time mate', and they left.

This was in a guest house bathroom, he'd fallen like a blue statue out of a cubicle, snorting for breath, eyes rolled up, hands up in claw shape - heroin injection.

Young people nowadays, I think maturity is getting rarer, there are many spoilt overgrown babies who never take responsibility.

Mark G said...

Does someone have a link to the report?


Mark G

kae said...

Hi Mark G.
I've posted a link today, 7 November 2008.