Thursday, November 6, 2008

Will he last the distance?

Apparently, should Obama work as the Pres for the full four year term it will be the first single job he's held for that long (excluding the seat in the Senate, which four years is up very soon, and which it seems he treated more like a part-time job, too).



bruce said...

He gets bored easily.

Typical genXer, been everywhere done everything, what next?

kae said...

That's how Kevin07 became Kevin08.
The boredom of young/new voters.

kc said...

My dad never had the same job for 4 years running. Smart man, genius level at some things, truly talented in many areas, witty, educated. But he got bored easily, unless he was in charge. I'm not so sure I'd have trusted the Presidency to his whims, either.

I'm going to say it here first - & I expect to say it again in the coming years - I don't trust this man as President as far as I could throw him. He doesn't give a fig about following our Constitution, he lies when it's easy to check facts, & he throws his closest friends & family members to the wolves IN PUBLIC when it suits him.

I'll never trust him or anyone who works for him. I learned a long time ago to never say never, but I'm making an exception in this case.

bruce said...

All true KC, but Clinton was very shady, maybe worse because his ego could not be bound - even Hillary could not stop him. In contrast I think Michelle keeps her husband on a tight watch, and maybe the US can trust her practical female instincts - she doesn't want Obama to fail. They used radicals to get to the top, maybe now she will slam the door in their faces because she is 'respectable', you know?

Obama's victory speech was quite charming, kind to McCain and Palin, very pro-US and old-fashioned.

Compare Hillary's 'vast right wing conspiracy' comments.

Obama has hired some old Clinton staff for the White House. If his term is Clinton MkII without the huge Bubba ego, then it should be reasonably OK.

Look to Michelle - the first black First Lady - that's the really interesting 'change' here. Black women are tough and conservative at heart, but they can also be slimy flakes like Whoopie. I suspect Michelle is the former, as a disciplined middle-class mother.

What would you say to that?