Thursday, November 27, 2008

How the fairy got to the top of the Christmas Tree

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Santa was under the pump.. several of his elves had resigned in protest at not being referred to as "vertically challenged, while Mrs Claus had been laid low with a bad cold. To make things worse, the cargo ship bringing raw supplies from Taiwan had been delayed due to piracy, so production was woefully behind schedule.

This night, Santa had been working 19 hours straight, and was just about dead on his feet, he still had a lot to do to prepare for Christmas eve.

Then the doorbell rang, and there on the doorstep was the fairy delivering his lovely Christmas tree.

"Hello, Santa. All the fairies and toytown inhabitants got together and we decided to give you something special for Christmas. We didn't know what to get for you, so we decided that the most appropriate thing was this wonderful, huge, lovely Christmas tree. You and Mrs Claus can decorate it however you like and it will be just the perfect thing for you to do before Christmas eve. Now, where do you want me to put this tree Santa?" said the fairy.

And that is how the fairy got on top of the Christmas tree!


bruce said...


Hi. I'm back from 2 weeks in the bush, no news or media at all -heaven, 'cept for the flies and mossies, and leeches big as a finger, and huge goannas with long claws and...

bruce said...

Aussie soldier killed by IED in Afghanistan.

RIP Digger.