Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Holiday, enjoy your time with your friends and family!

Rotten animated gifs... mumble, grumble

Come on down into comments, the party's on!


Anonymous said...

You should have a virtual thanksgiving and invite your commenters to add a favourite dish to the table and sip their favourite drink. Just make sure that no one adds crudités (here in Oz pronounced Kruddites) to the canapé menu as your regulars may find these a little difficult to digest. Sometimes there's nothing like a party to look forward to, to perk a girl up. I leave you with a bottle of Louis Roederer, Cristal Brut 1990, Millenium 2000, Methuselah (6L). Feel better.
Saphire McBoo

Paco said...

I'll bring sweet potato pie!

Anonymous said...

Must have meat. Move aside as I place a big juicy turkey on the table. Nice plonk Saphire but I've bought a 6 pack of Tooheys Old.

kc said...

I make terrific smashed potatoes & gravy!

And I don't drink alcohol, so I'll bring enough sparkling Apple Pomegranate juice to share.

Stavros the pigeon herder said...

I didn't think we celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia, but seeing as there's a party happening, here's a lamb on a spit. Opa!

kae said...

Hi Everyone, thanks for throwing the party!
Stav, is that lamb on the spit with all the yummy greek herbs etc?
(I do have a few US readers, the party's for them, and we can tag along, huh?)
Oh, I'll make some dessert, how about pavlova with cream, passionfruit, kiwifruit, strawberries on top, and fruit salad and cream for those who aren't into pav?
Oh, and some nice Brown Brothers Everton Cab Sav. MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm.

Party on!

Stavros the pigeon herder said...

Yeah Kay, just like dad used to make it in our back yard Brunswick pit with oil, lemon, garlic, mint and peppercorns and Mama's melitzano salad and dolmades using our own vines.

kae said...

Oh Noesssss, Stav!
Bugger this virtual stuff.

What was that address again?

tee hee

(I've had goat, too, cooked like that - yum yum - catering-policeman-family-friend cooked it like that, it was yum. I've had goat curry, cooked Fiji indian style, nice but not the same as the Greek flavours.)

Tee Solie said...

Wow, new to the blogsphere and I find a party! I hope you don't mind me crashing, Kae.

I'm not sure I can top the Greek contributions, but while the lamb and turkey are being prepared I can hand around a cheese, fruit and nibbles platter. I'll be drinking Pimms.

Boy on a bike said...

What's wrong with prawns?

Mickey said...

I love Pavolva but we need chocolate so here's a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and wafers. Is anyone going to put music on?

Tee Solie said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kae. I was just leaving the lovely bubbly for you as you had said you'd been feeling tired and run-down but it's fantastic to come back and find a party in full swing. Chin-chin.
Saphire McBoo