Friday, November 28, 2008


ABC AM yesterday 27/11 and today 28/11. Both day's programmes are available now.

Railway Terminus

Luggage strewn,
bloody trails left
terrorism raises it's ugly head.

People watch in disbelief
the world, again,
mourns in grief.


Anonymous said...

The implications of this are far reaching. The States will now have to test its strength and bolster forces in Afghanistan and the border of Pakistan.

Other western countries will be called upon to support the US and the Muslim world will reply by striking more new targets further afield.

The Muslim vs West issues are going to gear up now for serious confrontation on more and broader fields of contest.

Let's hope Obama is up to the challenges. Mehaul

kc said...

Yeah, he is the Hopey/Changey guy...

...we are in deep doo...

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise how much that pic reminded me of one I saw many years ago of similar carnage in the Tel Aviv airport. Red animals from Japan from memory.

Many dead. It's not getting any better and no one seems to be learning. Mehaul

stackja1945 said...

This reminds me of Thug and Assassin which in Encarta we read:
Thugs (from Sanskrit sthag,"conceal" or "deceive"), former secret organization of robbers in India, who always strangled their victims. Devotees of the goddess Kali, they regarded their activities as religious rituals; new members were initiated in an elaborate ceremony, and they worshiped, as a symbol of the goddess, the pickax with which they dug the graves of their victims. Included in their ranks were many Brahmins and respectable businessmen. In October, they would meet in bands of from 10 to 200 and set out on the highways, where they would set upon wealthy travelers, strangle them with a cloth, distribute the booty, and flee. A portion of the booty was always presented as an offering to the goddess in one of her temples. Thugs arose in northern India before the Muslim conquest in the 12th century AD and thrived, with extraordinary immunity from prosecution under Hindu law, until 1829, when Lord William Bentinck, the British governor-general of India, began to investigate the organization, perhaps because of thugee activity directed against British soldiers and government officials. The campaign against the Thugs, directed by Sir W. H. Sleeman, was remarkably successful. Within seven years more than 3000 of them had been imprisoned or hanged, and the Thugs were wiped out.
"Thugs," Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2000. © 1993-1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Assassins, secret society of Muslims that existed during the Crusades. Founded in Iran in the 1090s by a Fatimid missionary, Hasan-I Sabbah, the order was purportedly composed of users of the drug hashish. The Assassins originated in the Ismaili branch of the Shiite sect of Islam. They had a hierarchical system of power, headed by the Shaykh-al-Jabal, who was known to the Crusaders as the "Old Man of the Mountains." This leader was aided by two groups of subordinates, and below them were members of the society who obeyed the commands of their chief, even unto death.
From their base in the city of Qazvîn in Iran, the Assassins originally spread their influence throughout the Islamic world by establishing a chain of hill forts in northern Iran and by pursuing a policy of secret assassination against their enemies. Toward the close of the 11th century, the Assassins also gained a foothold in northwestern Syria, where they are said to have terrorized the invading Crusaders in a campaign of systematic murder.
In 1256, however, the Persian strongholds of the order were destroyed by the Mongols under Hulagu, founder of the il-Khanid dynasty in Persia. Sixteen years later the Assassins in Syria were wiped out by Baybars I, ruler of the Islamic Mamelukes.
"Assassins," Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2000. © 1993-1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

bruce said...

Read this book from local library:

Thug: The True Story of India's Murderous Cult,
by Mike Dash.

- Excellent book. The methods the British used are relevant still.

The Encarta piece is innacurate, there was no 'Hindu law' in such matters.

'perhaps because of thugee activity directed against British soldiers'

- These were Indians serving as soldiers, heading home to village for furlough with their British pay in their pocket and vanishing on the way. Not 'perhaps' - it was a threat to the stability of the Indian Army. But the whole of India benefited greatly from this and other British actions.

But did you know human sacrifice to Kali and other 'gods' still exists in India?

One case:

bruce said...

KC, India will miss George W Bush - the most India-friendly POTUS since JFK. Ordinary Americans like GWB with their sense of decency and fairness earn universal respect, not slick Harvard types.

Obama has already stumbled badly by suggesting Bill Clinton could help 'solve' Kasmir. From Nixon to Clinton the US and its State Dept were pro-Pakistan, anti-India. In 1970 when India sent troops to help stop the Pakistani genocide in Bangladesh, US sent USS Enterprise into Bay of Bengal to threaten India on behalf of its Pakistani 'friends'. This is taught in Indian schools.

Legally and morally Kashmir belongs to India totally, including the vast Akshay Chin glacier in the North which Pakistan gave to China so they could invade Tibet. There was no justice back then, and India was weak so had to submit and compromise. Now they just want peace with Pakistan, but as we see that is like living with the tiger.

Obama is foolish to think this is the 'easy problem' which he can solve, it shows how misguided is his whole approach. GWB had the stance exactly right. Indologists know this but no one listens to them.

kae said...

Thanks for the interesting comments.

I'm no Lyle *sigh*

bruce said...

Kae, the 'Curry King' escaped Mumbai. He wants an end to immigration to Britain for 10 yrs at least. So they slander him as corrupt because he got a peerage after donating to Labour (never happened b4 eh?).

Don't you just love the MSM? (Sarc)