Sunday, November 23, 2008

Insiders 23/11/08

Andrew Bolt is on.

It appears that the first item is "Kevin's Report Card".

It's not good.

Here's the main link.

Julia Gargle seems to have been off having speech pathology and elocution tutoring.

Barrie Cassidy re: Kevin's control freakery (paraphrased): "Nobody's screwed up in Kevin's ministry in the first year, unlike Howard's first year."
Erm. Nobody's done terribly much to screw up.


Caz said...

Funny thing about all the one year anniversary commentary, apart from everyone singing from the same hymn book: the MSM is ignoring the total failure of Rudd & his ministers to fully and successfully implement a single one of their much vaunted "urgent" goals.

Sure, they haven't done anything "wrong", but a 100% failure rate is pretty damning.

Shouldn't the benchmark for measuring a government's performance be what they claimed they would achieve, and in this case, haven't?

kae said...

100% fail rate on "urgent" goals...
I'm relieved. Imagine the cocked up state of everything if all the cockamamie plans they had were adopted?

Skeeter said...

There is a very comprehensive report on Mr Rudd's performance in this Rudd Report Book.

Caz said...

Now that's a comprehensive and accurate report. (Nicely presented too, very professional.)

Pity our MSM aren't as robust in their reporting.