Sunday, November 23, 2008

Landline 23/11/08

How to break into the UK/Euro market...

Calculate your food miles.

Aussie wine food miles are much greater than those of Californian wines. Something to do with the processing.

Check this site for the info (I'm not sure when the programmes go up). It's up now. Click on the "Food to go" link.


Anonymous said...

I have been hearing many comments about what is wrong witht he world today, and food miles is another warm fuzzy that makes little sense. Economic pricing will remain the main market force but some will choose to subsidise otherwise uneconimic means of food production to feel better about themselves. It is similar to organic produce and can represent a good nieche market for some growers.

In saying that there are aspects of the 100 mile diet that I like, namely selecting produce grown within 100 miles from where you live. We need to be more accepting of seasonality so we eat fresh produce, and prepared to vary our diet according to that seasonality.

With the wealth of our society, we have the opportunity to choose a whole rangeof goods. It is your own money.. do as you see fit. I just refuse to buy strawberrys from America in June.


kae said...

I buy cherries from the US when they're out of season in Aus, cheaper than they can be sold in some cases in season in Aus. I also try to buy Aus cherries in season, the tiny window we have for cherries.

I don't bother much with strawberries, way too dear here and bred now for shelf life (like many other fruits), rather than for taste. Buying a punnet of strawberries cheap which smell like strawberries but have no taste is pretty pointless.

I also buy a lot of fruit and vegetables "out of season" but produced in Australia. It depends on price. Australia's climate is such that there are many fruits and vegetables which can be produced as the seasons change in different growing areas. Price is my main consideration. Price and qality.

Food miles is a con. AGW/CC is a con. The sooner that people realise that, the better.

Anonymous said...

"100 mile diet that I like"

sorry to **** on your feel good, but transporting small quantities short distances is less economical than bigger weights over long distances.

kae said...

There are places where nothing can be produced economically within 100miles - and other places where the diet would be severely limited... a bit like in the old days, several centuries back.

kae said...

make that economically and in quantities to sustain those who would need to eat the 100 mile stuff.