Monday, November 24, 2008

Puppy news 23/11/08

Where do I start?

The little guy is doing well. I planned to put him in the yard with the dogs last weekend, he's now too big to fit through the holes in the dogyard fence, but it was way too wet, and the grass needed mowing, so he only had short visits.

I mowed with the ride-on, and Floyd stayed up under the pergola. He's a bit fearless and I didn't want him anywhere near the mower, the other dogs know to stay away.

The whipper snipper/brushcutter is mucking up. It seems to be spinning off balance sometimes, I don't know what the problem is so I need to get it in for a service. *sigh*. I took some pix of the puppy with the other dogs.

Here's Bundy, the eldest - he's deaf, blind and sometimes not with it. He's 14 and a half years old:


Here's Meggie and Floyd. Meggie's playing fetch the ball, and Floyd's trying to stop her from getting back to me. When they were following me around mowing (me on the outside of the dog yard, them on the inside), Floyd was taking up the lead.





Just Meg, waiting for me to get up to the ball-throwing position in the dog yard.


Now, about Floyd and the dogyard. He looks big. Definitely too big to fit thru the holes in the dog wire. Meggie's gotta be between 20-25kg (porquette she is, that's from hoovering up anything Bundy leaves in his bowl).

I left Floyd in the dogyard, thinking that he'd be OK with the big kids. He's very annoying for Meggie, but she's learnt to snap at him when he gets too annoying. Bundy just walks away from him.... the further the better mostly.

Floyd was silent for quite a while, then started sooking a bit. Just the occasional whimpery sook noise. Next I heard the tinkle tinkle of dogtags - he was at the back door. I asked him how he got out of the dogyard and he wouldn't show me - I thought he must have got under the fence or through a hole I didn't know about. Later I took him back down and put him in the dogyard. After waiting a while and not seeing anything, I decided to go back inside. Sure enough, the sooking started, then noises like "Halp! I'm stuck!!" And there he was. Wriggling through the fence. It's hard to explain, and as my camera battery was charging I couldn't take any shots... but here's a demo of something similar... but I'm sure that Floyd doesn't dislocate anything to get out.

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Sorry about the pix, still gotta sort out the sizing when I upload it to the 'bucket. And the URL upload doesn't seem to be working.

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