Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update: Joe Hockey has a jab at Kevin Rudd's wars

I heard of this on the radio yesterday afternoon. ABC had the audio of the exchange.

Kevin Rudd spoke of the war on unemployment:

...The third step, of course, lies in what we will do on infrastructure. Infrastructure investment, both through the Building Australia fund and more broadly, is very much on this government’s agenda and has been from day 1. Infrastructure investment, investment in the future of our auto industry and investment through the payment systems we have provided to families and pensioners for the future as well, is designed to underpin growth and jobs growth into the future—all part of this government’s war on unemployment—and that is something we need to embrace more fully.

Opposition members interjecting—

Mr RUDD—Those opposite seem to think that this is unimportant.

The SPEAKER—Order! Those on my left will come to order!

Mr RUDD—I regard war on unemployment as the government’s highest priority. Those opposite, presumably, would have us stand idly by as the world at large experiences increased unemployment.
Find it in Hansard.

Joe Hockey did some homework and the following day returned this retort to Kevin Rudd...
Mr HOCKEY (3.09 pm)—My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer the Prime Minister to his 2007 declared war on drugs, his January 2008 declared war on inflation and yesterday’s declared war on unemployment. I also refer the Prime Minister to the 2007 ‘Rudd’s war on whalers’, the February 2008 ‘A war cabinet to fight disadvantage’, his February 2008 war on downloads, his March 2008 war on pokies, his May war against doping in sport and his October war on bankers’ salary deals. Prime Minister, how goes the war on everything?
Find it in Hansard.

In a nutshell from Livenews.


Paco said...

How many of these "wars" has Kevin won so far?

kae said...

Oh Gee, Paco... that's a difficult one...

He's won. Um.

He's won, ahm.

Can you leave it with me, I'll have to do some research here.

Nilk said...

About the only thing Kevvie won was the PMship.

Bummer about that.

Mind you, he has provided me with an excellent threat to my child. If she wants to pick at her ears I call her Kevin Rudd.

It works - she hardly does it at all any more!

(lol word verification: mycindi)