Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gordon Brown has ended the boom-bust cycle

He said so on the ABC news in AM today...

I'm not sure that's a good thing, Gordon.

A bit like saying 'The patient is symptom free. The patient is deceased."

It should be here after about 8:30am.

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Updated Thursday, 13 November, 2008

Dire warning from global energy organisation
The International Energy Agency has issued a stark warning that without massive investments in the oil industry and in alternative power sources, the world is headed for environmental catastrophe including a six-degree temperature rise by the end of the century. transcript

ETS threat to Australian smelter jobs
The world's largest zinc producer Nyrstar is threatening to close down its smelters in Tasmania and South Australia if the government's emissions trading scheme goes ahead - forcing thousands of workers onto the unemployment queues.

Greens dash plans for Rudd phone probe
The Greens say they will not support a Senate inquiry into the leaking of details of the Prime Minister's phone conversation with President Bush. The Greens leader Bob Brown tells AM there are more important issues dominating the political landscape. Transcript.

NSW Premier refuses to quit and call early poll
The New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees says his mini-budget is a tough one for tough times, but the state's major newspapers are scathing. The "Daily Telegraph" calls for the Premier to sack himself and the "Sydney Morning Herald" brands him the demolition man. Nathan Rees has told AM he won't resign and he won't call an early poll. Transcript.

Paulson praises rescue efforts but consumer confidence dives
US Treasury secretary Henry Paulson says America's teetering financial system appears to be stabilising but markets remain extremely fragile. US retail giant Macy's has suffered a big drop in sales as nervous Americans cut back their spending in the face of rising unemployment and plunging home prices.

Bank of England warns of long UK recession
The Governor of the Bank of England says the recession in the UK will be deeper and longer than expected with deflation now a possible consequence of the downturn.

Crisis worsens in Congo
UN peacekeepers in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are struggling to stop the fighting between rebels and government forces. The Security Council will consider sending another 3000 troops into the region.

Questions about the merits of chemotherapy
A study of 600 British cancer patients who died within 30 days of chemotherapy treatment has found that one in four of the deaths was either caused or hastened by chemotherapy.

Poverty still bites in western Sydney
With economists predicting rising unemployment and deepening financial stress, experts say attitudes towards the unemployed, welfare recipients and public housing residents will soften.

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