Sunday, November 16, 2008

Puppy 15/11/08

Here he is.

Floyd the Wonder Dog.

Note the right ear... it's started to come up, but then crossed over his head and bent.

The other ear is up a little, but still fwoppy. Er, floppy.

He's asleep at my feet now.

I think he's fully paper trained now. In fact, so paper trained that he will come inside to go. Hmm.


kc said...

You talk baby-talk to the pup - he's not learning to talk 'human' so you won't be teaching him least that's what I tell Lovely Daughter when she sneers at the way I talk to my cats. I talk 'baby' to cats, dogs, AND birds.

He is a good-looking young fella! Thanks for the picture!

Anonymous said...

Just take the paper outside!

kae said...

Hi kc
I don't do baby talk... well, except when we wrestle and I tickle and rub his tummy, I call him Jelly Bean Belly Bean, in a little sing-song.

I tried the paper outside, but he just shredded it. I put some paper that he'd used on the grass, a few sheets. Shredded.
Need more info!

kc said...

Maybe Anonymous means to be sure to throw the paper away after it's been used? No, doubt that, cuz I do recall being told the same thing the last time I had an indoor dog. That's been over 30 years ago so my memory may be off.