Monday, November 17, 2008

Two minds

Or perhaps more.

Several thoughts.

Boo-fecking-hoo, on first reading of the family's distress.

It's wrong to display these pictures, thinking about the stolen pictures.

It's good to display these pictures... to show that there is a price for terrorism. Then realising that to the supporters of these bloodthirsty inhuman murderers it adds fuel to the fire.

It's wrong to praise these murderers, but not if you are of the same opinion.

I still think that the punishment suggested by someone from Bali which I read in a blog somewhere was the most suitable. Put in a pig cage and thrown into the ocean*.

But really, it just comes back to boo-fecking-hoo. I don't care about them. Any of them.

(*And just before I'm accused of being a racist redneck, again, I'd never advocate this. I'd say if you're executing them, just shoot them and bury them with pig offal in a place not disclosed.)

(Thanks to John)

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