Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aussie Hero in Mumbai. Update: Many heros

Actually, two. I wonder how many more heroic acts from people caught up in terror we'll never hear about?

The 43-year-old from Port Macquarie, NSW, who served for seven years in the Australian Army, was with his Japanese model girlfriend Yumi having a drink in Mumbai's Leopold's Cafe last Wednesday night when the armed terrorists struck.
(thanks to Splice)

Graduate students David Coker, of Townsville, and his girlfriend Katie Anstee, of Sydney, have been treated for their gunshot wounds.
Mr Coker carried Ms Anstee from Cafe Leopold where she had been shot in the leg, shattering her femur, after gunmen opened fire. A bullet grazed his thigh.
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How many more, despite their heroic efforts, were murdered?

Update: Here's a hero, thanks to Bruce in comments.

Recovering from the initial shock and chaos, hotel staff shepherded the guests, including the Mangeshikar family, through the service section upstairs -- only suddenly to come face to face with one of the gunmen.

"He looked young and did not speak to us. He just fired. We were in sort of a single file," Mangeshikar, a 52-year-old gynecologist, told Reuters. "The man in front of my wife shielded us. He was a maintenance section staff. He took the bullets."

The tale of the unnamed staff member has echoed across Mumbai where, time after time, hotel workers have emerged as the people who shielded, hid or evacuated their wealthy guests from militants at the Taj and Trident/Oberoi hotels.



bruce said...

Here's one who died to save others:


bruce said...

Sorry, may have died.

kc said...

It's something no muslim terrorist could ever be - "Hero" - because the only life that means anything to him is his own...& it's cheap, to be given for the lowest of reasons.