Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm going to Billy Joel on Sat nite, FREE


My friend from Mackay won two tickets to Billy Joel in Bris for Sat nite. Her hubby can't come to Brisbane for it, so she asked me.


We've been mates since we were 14. Got up to all sorts of mischief in our teens. Lived nowhere near eachother since we were 15, and we're still best mates.

Now I just have to work out the logistics.

It'll be a late double 50th Celebration for us. (Oh, CRAP! That's 100 years!)

Now I have to figure out the logistics.
Car service Sat Morning.
Markets Sat Morning (at different ends of the Valley).
Take Floyd to see potters who have finished my order (at markets).
Might need to buy a new whipper snipper Sat morning.
Go to town about lunchtime and meet G/F.
Go to concert Sat nite.
Stay? Go home? We'll probably chat all night... arrgh! Haven't seen her since, um 1999!

I might have to rob a bank at some stage there, too.


Anonymous said...

Dig out the old albums. Trip the light fantastic. Mehaul

MarkL said...

Cool. Hope he sings a few from the album Stormfront. Leningrad, Downeaster Alexa, And so it Goes, and We Didn't Start the Fire from that album, are all good 'uns.


Anonymous said...

Utterly jealous. I've been pestering and reminding Boy on a bike to download some Billy Joel for ages which he keeps "forgetting" to do. Brings back high school, school socials, singing with siblings to Video Hits and generally being a teenager. See honey, Kae has taste - DOWNLOAD THE MUSIC!!!! Boy's J.

bruce said...

Joel is a great guy too.

Mate of mine roadied for him. Said Billy invited all the staff back to his hotel after the show, shouted drinks all round, sat down at the grand piano and played requests for them for hours.

kae said...

Hi Mehaul, MarkL, Boy's J and Bruce
Talking with the bloke at the bakery thismorning he said he took his Dad to Billy Joel last year. Great concert. Two and a half hours. He'd ask "this song or that song", and the audience would choose.
I haven't seen T since Christmas 1999, and I haven't been to a live concert since... well, I did take MDFD to see Les Mis in about 2000, she'd never been to a live show like that.
T is the one I used to hitch out with to see her horse at Menangle Park, and later Narellan, when were 14-15, we used to catch the train to Campbelltown and then... usually we were met by friends who knew her and gave us a lift to Narellan.
Ahhh, the good old days. Ivan Milat was on the prowl in those days I think... the early 70s.

Boy on a bike said...

ok, ok, ok - I get the point. But I have to say, if I hear the opening bars from "glass houses" one more time, I am going to pop a gasket.