Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I guess welfare wasn't enough? Or they ran out of holiday money...

Police believe the arrest of a NSW couple accused of blowing up an automatic teller machine in a bungled robbery in Brisbane at the weekend could be the key to busting a national organised crime syndicate.

Investigators say the group may be able to assist with inquiries into a spate of similar ATM raids interstate.

A man and woman, both aged 30, were arrested on the Gold Coast yesterday following a tip-off from an off-duty police officer who saw the couple allegedly preparing for the weekend heist.

A Sydney man has been remanded in custody, but his wife has been granted bail over their alleged involvement in blowing up an automatic teller machine (ATM) at a Brisbane bank last weekend.
Police on the Gold Coast charged 30-year-old Housam El Afchal and 30-year-old Alison Renee Afchal, both from Bass Hill in Sydney's south-west, over the robbery at Geebung on Brisbane's northside on Saturday.
You get the picture.

Apparently when the police opposed bail stating that these people were a flight risk (because they were Lebanese), the judge defence said that was racist and he disagreed to single them out because they are Lebanese. I did hear that reported on the news yesterday.

Lebanese isn't a race. Anyone with a different nationality to that in which they are alleged to have offended may be a flight risk when charged with a crime.


mythusmage said...

Speaking of stipends, today I learned that my allotment is rising to $991.00 U.S. Of which $674.00 U.S. is Federal money. I'm thinking a certain couple have entirely too much time on their hands.

kae said...

Sounds like they've done a few "jobs" like this.

I wonder if he's on unemployment, or a disability pension... or does he do "security" work, or work with, ah, cars?

Boy on a bike said...

How do we know they blew up a Qld ATM?

They were covered in mashed banana.

Skeeter said...

In this household, whenever we see a news item where the cultural origins of the perpetrator are obscured, we both shout in unison "Presbyterians!"

bruce said...

It said on the new they ran a childcare centre. ABC perhaps. See? This is what happens when the greedy banks don't support ABC Childcare centres.

Newspapers say that banks are 'pocketing' billions in profits. Actually I think they have a big treasure room like Scrooge McDuck, where they play in mountains of gold.