Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anyone else catch

some of Today Tonight, tonight?

I don't usually watch it, but came inside as it was on. I caught the end of the story on the distasteful practise of hunting and clubbing dolphins by Japanese, and saving some to be sold.

Comment was made about how we all know about whaling, but this distasteful practise was hidden.

Interviewed the Mayor of Broome, which has ties to Japan (guessing the pearl industry). He said its a cultural thing.

The host of TT was heard to disparagingly say "Yes, apparently it's 'cultural'," at the end of the programme.

How interesting that killing dolphins and whales is soooooo distasteful, however other 'cultural' practises which involve abusing women, harming children (pick your 'culture'), are not commented on or condemned on this programme.


Anonymous said...

Kae, why don't you ring them, make them aware of your blog and challenge them with their own stupidity? I think you have a very valid point. And they should hear about it. The ABC is a bunch of dunces who think they are kosher because they are not challenged directly by any level of clout. This blog has some clout which would defend you if they came hunting, and then there are the support blogs, Blair, Bolt etc. Mehaul

kc said...

Mehaul has a valid point,Kae. We often just sit & fume, knowing how powerless we are over the crap that's going on...but if I don't pick up a phone or send an email or letter, and TELL someone, out loud and in front of others, then it's not's me. Nothing may change...but I have added my sanity to the mix & I'm better for it.

The American Revolution was not fought by people who just wanted to get along. It was fought by a MINORITY of the population who were dedicated to the cause.