Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Truly dumb comment by a union mouthpiece

Tonight I heard it. (I thought I heard it on PM, but looking at the transcript titles I don't think that's where I heard it! Might have been the news on ABC at 6pm? I've been sweating on the transcripts to be uploaded and it's not there! Arrgh!)

Someone from the AWU having a shot at the banks for sending ABC Learning Centres to the wall by not supplying them with endless money and forcing taxpayers to bail them (ABC Learning Centres) out.

Since when have Banks been free welfare agencies for failing businesses?
Since when has it been the Banks' fault that the government uses taxpayer money to bail businesses out?

ABC was headed for the chit chute when the director bailed out.... surely that's why he bailed out?

What the heck, have a look at PM anyway. You'll either laugh, or cry.


Skeeter said...

The country will not be able to afford welfare for double-income families much longer. Taxpayer-subsidised baby-sitting may soon be a thing of the past.
There won't be enough money available to save every business that goes broke.
If the economy does not recover very soon, most Australians will have to accept lower incomes.

When basketball players suffer 50% pay cuts, you realise just how serious things are.

kae said...

OMG Skeeter! How are they going to survive on half a mil per annum?