Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jack Marx rips into Kathy, again

That literary turd we can’t seem to scrape from the bottom of our thong, Kathy Lette, has admitted – in the pages of London’s The Daily Mail, and on Australian morning television - to having had an affair with a married man. Now, I’m aware that there are some people who’d rather watch their own children slow grilled on a bed of live paederasts than see Kathy Lette talking, let alone to read her terrible writing, but blow me down if the piece in The Daily Mail didn’t feature scarcely a pun at all (well, maybe one or two, but that’s well down on Kathy’s usual high fre-pun-cy!). I have decided, then, to rewrite Kathy’s piece and publish it below, torturing the prose in the manner to which Kathy’s poor suffering words are accustomed. Enjoy

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